How to Get Job in Singapore From India Without Agent: Taking a job overseas helps you to broaden your horizons as a professional in your field. It has several advantages, like as boosting your cultural understanding and making you a more valued candidate if you live and work in another nation. Keep reading!

How to Get Job in Singapore From India Without Agent

If you’re thinking of working in Singapore, knowing the procedure and points to consider might help you make an educated decision.

In this post, we will explain how to find a job in Singapore without using an agency by following the proper procedures.


How to Get Job in Singapore From India Without Agent

Knowing how to get a job in Singapore can help professionals progress in their careers. Here are some important tips to get started:

1. Do Some Research on Your Sector

One of the first things to consider is becoming acquainted with your work field in Singapore.

You can learn everything there is to know about the sector and what to expect.

The ease with which you may get work sometimes relies on your selected professional path.

Because not all industries expand at the same rate in Singapore as they do in other countries, you can do research to better understand the growth of your business.

If your selected industry isn’t performing up to your expectations and there are some potential limits, you may want to reconsider and develop a backup plan.

2. Create a Resume

A solid resume is essential for getting a good start in your job search. Writing a good CV is one of the greatest strategies for professionals to boost their chances of impressing prospective recruiters and landing a job in Singapore.

Include important data on your resume to boost your chances of getting invited for an interview, which can impact your odds of landing a job offer.

When recruiters go through a résumé, it just takes a few seconds for them to decide whether the individual is worth an interview.

3. Look for Employment vacancies on Internet Job Boards

Candidates can boost their chances of landing a job in Singapore by doing an in-depth internet job search.

If you want to work in Singapore, you might check out the platforms that Singapore recruiters frequently utilize.

In Singapore, there are several online employment marketplaces with job vacancies in various industries.

You may also hunt for Singapore-specific platforms that are extensions of legitimate worldwide websites.

4. Make Contacts With Other Specialists

When looking for jobs in Singapore, networking is key. Meeting individuals might sometimes help you get important knowledge quickly and easily.

Look for professional groups and communities both inside and outside of your field of work. Aside from the job search itself, you may discover a wealth of useful information.

You may also discover information on Singaporean living. This allows prospective professionals to ask questions and receive thorough replies.

5. Contact a Job Placement Service

Employment agencies may assist candidates in swiftly becoming acquainted with the Singapore employment market.

Genuine job agencies review resumes to ensure they match what most Singaporean recruiters are searching for.

These organizations also assist candidates in becoming acquainted with interview processes in order to have a smoother approach with recruiters.

One method to learn about your sector is to seek information from reliable sources, and an employment agency is a good place to start.

6. Verify Your Job Eligibility in Singapore

With securing a job in Singapore, it is critical to confirm your eligibility.

Following confirmation of your eligibility, they may grant you an employment pass to show your position as a working professional.

The MOM has various criteria that define a foreign professional’s admissibility.

To be qualified, you must have a genuine job offer for an executive, specialist, or management position that the MOM can verify.

The employment permit is also available to people who make a specific minimum wage. Senior and experienced workers may have a higher standard and demand greater remuneration.


7. Get a Work Visa

Apply for a work visa after landing a job in Singapore. In general, if you fulfill the requirements for any form of work permit, your employer or designated employment agency can apply for you to obtain one.

Next, pay the registration cost to have access to the application submission form. Visa processing usually takes seven working days.

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