February 22, 2024

How to Get Job in Dubai: Long hunts, dead ends, and false starts stymie many people’s Dubai careers. This does not have to be your situation. Use the 10 tips below to guarantee your Dubai job hunt is successful in 2023. Read further!

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How to Get Job in Abroad 

Below are the common ways to get a job Abroad:

1. Do not Apply for Too Many Positions

This may appear paradoxical, yet it is critical. You may believe that the more jobs you apply for, the better your prospects are. This is not the case; in fact, applying for too many jobs in Dubai might work against you.

You are not a good fit for every available position. Even if you are a salesperson, you will not be a good fit for every sales position in Dubai. The positions that Dubai recruiters fill have extremely unique needs.

Companies in Dubai want to recruit people with the specific talents and expertise that they require. So don’t waste your time applying for jobs that you aren’t a good fit for. So, what should you do in its place?

2. Apply For Jobs in Dubai Within the Appropriate Season

Nothing prevents you from finding work in Dubai at any time of year. However, there are months in Dubai when recruiting comes to a halt. There are sometimes months when there is a lot of hiring going on.

When is the ideal time to apply for jobs in Dubai?

January and February are two of the finest months in Dubai for getting jobs. March, April, and May are also busy months for job seekers. These are the months to concentrate your Dubai job search efforts.

3. Find the Top Dubai Job Openings

To find work in Dubai, you must know where to look. While there are hundreds of websites where you may locate job openings, you need to exercise caution to prevent scammers.

Keeping this in mind, there are four websites where you may locate the highest quality job openings in Dubai.

Each of these sites has advantages and disadvantages, and you must understand how to use them effectively. These four portals can help you uncover the most current job openings in Dubai, and they are a terrific place to start!

4. Work with Top Dubai recruiters

Dubai is teeming with recruiting companies and consultants. When looking for a job in Dubai, I recommend working with one or two competent agencies.

There are two reasons to cooperate with Dubai recruiters.

  • The very best Dubai recruiters have a large network of contacts. They can use their network to assist you get a wonderful job.
  • Recruiters in Dubai are familiar with the market and will assist you in navigating it. This information is vital if you have no prior Dubai experience.

When determining which agencies to collaborate with, keep the following characteristics in mind.

• They should be well-known and well-respected.

• It is critical that they understand your function and have a strong network in your target sector.

• They should be willing to meet with you or at the very least communicate with you over the phone or via video call.

5. Make Use of Dubai Job Boards

Yes, you should utilize Dubai employment boards, but you must master their use. Don’t apply for every job that comes your way. This may be appealing, but keep in mind guideline number one: don’t apply for too many jobs!

Dubai job boards may be really beneficial for completing research. Job boards in Dubai may provide a wealth of useful information.‍

  • Dubai job boards are excellent for research.
  • Utilise Dubai employment boards to get discovered by Dubai recruiting firms.
  • Apply for jobs in Dubai through Dubai job boards.

6. Customise your Dubai CV for Each Application

Remember rule number one before you decide this is too much work. You are not going to apply for hundreds of jobs. You will only apply for positions that are a good fit for you.

As a result, you may devote a bit more time to each job application. The best method to find a job in Dubai is to prioritize quality over quantity. Believe me when I say that it works.

Instead of applying 10-20 times every day on Dubai job sites and LinkedIn, you’ll locate 1-2 fantastic positions. Take the time now to tailor your CV to each of these applications.

When a Dubai recruiter looks through your CV, they should be able to see right away that you are a good fit for the position.

4 sections of your CV may be customized for each application

You do not have to produce a fresh CV for each job application. Instead, tweak these four important elements to make your CV more relevant to the job.

You should utilize job descriptions to determine which keywords should be included. This will also assist you in determining which of your talents, experiences, and accomplishments should be highlighted.

  • Target job title and keywords
  • Professional profile
  • Key skills
  • Selected accomplishments

7. Make your LinkedIn profile Dubai-Ready

Want to discover one of the most effective methods for finding work in Dubai? Improve your LinkedIn profile and become more active on the platform.

The vast majority of HR professionals and recruiters use LinkedIn in Dubai.

Furthermore, LinkedIn is used by 50% of the UAE population! When a firm or recruiter is looking for talent in Dubai, they go to LinkedIn.

To get a job in Dubai, make sure your LinkedIn profile is accurate and up to date. Keep in mind that recruiters and HR staff will look for you using keywords.

Check that the following 7 areas of your LinkedIn profile are complete:

  • Profile Picture
  • LinkedIn Banner
  • Headline
  • About Section
  • Experience Section
  • Skills Section
  • Contact Details

8. Develop your Dubai Network

It’s all about who you know in Dubai. In the UAE, networking is essential for long-term job success. You may start building your network right away by utilizing LinkedIn.

Begin connecting with and reaching out to experts in your field in Dubai. Send them a connection request or an InMail with a chat suggestion.

People are surprisingly open to networking opportunities. Spend an hour every day locating the emails or phone numbers of possible networking contacts.

Many of the finest professional possibilities in Dubai arise as a consequence of networking.

Use these tools to help your networking efforts

  • Sales QL (ad)
  • Hunter.io (ad)

9. Obtain a Local Dubai Phone Number

Started getting calls from recruiters as soon as you acquire a local Dubai number. If a firm can hire a candidate who is already in the nation, it saves money on relocation expenses.

It’s also less dangerous. A local applicant is significantly less likely to withdraw from the hiring process and reconsider relocation.

A Dubai phone number on your CV and LinkedIn page communicates unequivocally that you are present and available to interview.

This is great guidance if you want to look for work in Dubai while on a tourist visa. You may acquire a local pre-paid sim card at a DU or Etisalat store in any of Dubai’s many retail malls.

Remember to bring your passport because you’ll need it to receive your local number. Then, add your new phone number to your LinkedIn, CV, and other online sites.‍


10. Make Use of These Best Job-Hunting Tools

Finally, there are four excellent web resources that I recommend you utilize when looking for work in Dubai. It is not always simple to find a job in Dubai.

The more assistance and support you have, the better. There are more fantastic internet tools available in 2023 than ever before.

  • Hunter IO
  • Jobscan
  • LinkedIn Premium
  • Sales QL

Getting a job in Dubai does not have to be a difficult and time-consuming procedure. Every year, tens of thousands of people do it!

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