How to Get Job in Dubai From India: Did you know that about 90% of Dubai’s workforce is made up of migrants? It truly is a global workforce and economy. In reality, 7.8 million of its 9.2 million people are migrants. 3.42 million, or around 30% of the overall workforce in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), are Indian expats. Read on!

How to Get Job in Dubai From India

Given that Dubai provides everything from tax-free income to a secure living environment and competitive pay, it’s simple to see why Indian nationals rush to the country and seek to find employment in Dubai from India.


7 Steps on How to Get Job in Dubai From India

Below are the steps on how to get job in Dubai from India:

1. Get the Proper Visa:

A work visa is required if you intend to work in Dubai. The good news is that if you work for a Dubai firm, they are rather straightforward to get.

Because a work visa is necessary, the best time to travel to Dubai is after you’ve been given a job.

However, you can enter the emirate on a visiting or tourist visa for your job hunt and then transfer your visa status after you’ve found work.

2. Obtain your Health Insurance and Work Permit:

While your work visa is being processed, you must send to the Department of Health and Medical Services your medical records, passport copies, photo, employment offer letter, and visa application.

A blood test will also be required to rule out infections such as HIV and TB. Currently, the UAE does not permit foreign carriers of such illnesses to remain in the Emirates.

After passing all of the exams, you’ll be given a health card, which is required for all foreign workers in Dubai.

You’ll also require a work permit, which entails submitting to the Ministry of Human Resources your passport photo, job contract, entrance visa, medical documents, and your employer’s labour licence.

3. Understand Your Job Market:

While the emirate’s general financial condition is improving, not all employment markets are ready to recover. Job seekers may find success in the following markets:

  • Banking
  • Consulting
  • Hospitality
  • Human resources
  • Tech

4. Research the Major Companies:

Some companies in Dubai are well known for their stringent recruiting practices and outstanding reputations as places to work.

Some of the greatest firms to work for, according to LinkedIn’s Top Firms 2021 report, include retail chains Landmark Group and Majid Al Futtaim, accountancy company PwC, investment management companies Mubadala, ADIA, and management consulting firm Deloitte, among others.

5. Work on Your Resume:

Your CV is the single most significant instrument in your job hunt.

The employment market in Dubai is incredibly competitive, and on average, a recruiter will just spend six seconds reviewing your CV. It’s critical to avoid significant CV blunders like utilizing buzzwords.

Monster offers a great resource for CV tips and advice for those looking for a little more help.

6. Think About Hiring a Recruiter:

Many companies in Dubai employ headhunters. Working via an agency is highly widespread and remains the best approach to get work in the emirate.

7. Networking:

Companies in Dubai are also looking for employee-referred applicants, with many having a referral program in place inside their HR department. As a result, networking is a valuable tool for finding and keeping a job.

Indeed, according to Jobvite’s Job Seeker Nation research, in the United States, over half of those polled heard about an opening through word-of-mouth, and 37% learned about a vacancy through their professional networks.

Similar data are likely to apply to the UAE job market as well. As a result, making personal connections is a vital part in your job search.

How to Apply For Jobs In Dubai From India

So you know what you need to do to prepare for a job in Dubai from India. The obvious next question is where to look for the top Dubai jobs for Indians and apply for employment in Dubai from India.  You can look in the following places:

  • Online Employment Boards:

Online employment platforms or portals are one of the simplest methods to locate work in Dubai from India and are frequently the first place you’ll look.

GrabJobs is definitely your best bet in this case. Over 10,000 organizations are currently recruiting on the site internationally.

This implies there will be no scarcity of chances and you will have an easier time finding the career you want.

You may also download and register for GrabJobs’ app, which allows you to apply for jobs without submitting a CV, conduct interviews via a chatbot, and receive fast feedback when employers examine your profile.

  • Recruitment Firms:

Your next option is to work with a recruiting agency. These companies take most of the burden out of job hunting by doing the searching for you and allowing you to find work in Dubai as an Indian.

Furthermore, many Dubai firms employ recruiting agencies, making it one of the greatest methods for Indians to find work in Dubai. Jivaro Partners, ESP International, Robert Murray, and BAC Middle East are among the well-known agencies.

  • Interviews Conducted on the Spot:

As previously said, you might also visit Dubai on a tourist visa and hunt for work while there. In this position, you will physically visit firms that are recruiting and set up in-person appointments or interviews.

The trouble with this strategy is that it is fairly hazardous because you don’t know whether you’ll eventually find work, which means you’ll have to return to India once your tourist visa expires, which costs you more money.


The last alternative is to network. Remember that who you know is frequently more important than what you know.

And, because Dubai is known for recruiting internally and through employee referrals, you could just land your ideal job through someone you know.

If you are unable to travel to Dubai for networking events, you may still network through social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, or through one of countless online forums where you can meet the proper individuals.

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