How To Cope With Academic Stress is a thing that a lot of students are battling with and has sadly led to an increased rate of depression and premeditated suicide.

How to Cope With Academic Stress

According to a recent survey of more than 67,000 college students from more than 100 schools published in Depression and Anxiety, one in every five students has considered suicide.

Self-injury was reported by approximately 20% of those who attempted it. One out of every four students has been diagnosed with a mental condition.

The suicide rate among girls aged 15 to 19 doubled between 2007 and 2015, reaching its highest level in 40 years, while the suicide rate among boys aged 15 to 19 increased by 30% between 2007 and 2015

Meanwhile, among young individuals aged 15 to 24, suicide is the second greatest cause of mortality.

This begs the question, How can students cope With Academic Stress.

This article will outline the ways you can cope with stress in the absence of a support system around you.


Do You Fall into This Category?

Do you experience anxiety? Do you get caught up worrying about final tests and papers? Do you feel overwhelmed with exam anxiety?

Do you have so much you need to accomplish in school so you don’t want to end up as a failure?

Do you procrastinate so much that you end up cramming all your studying the night before?

Do you find it difficult to write your term papers and assignments? Be rest assured you are not alone in this.

Here are some vital strategies you need to help you cope with academic stress :

How to Cope With Academic Stress

Below are tips on how to cope with financial stress. If you’re a student, kindly take this in mind as it will help you.

1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is an antidote that cures or prevents a lot of disheartening events from happening in our human system.

This does not mean you should go spend too much time at the gym. An ordinary walk in the early hours of the morning or jogging even within your residential area means a lot.

Visit the school campus early in the morning if you do not have lectures and mix up with other students, talk and laugh at the same time.

You just need to get your heart racing and the endocrine released during exercise which in turn will help to relax your mind.

You can also engage in football, basketball, taekwondo, volleyball, etc, anyone that meets your admiration.

If you are caught up in the morning with schoolwork, find out time to exercise in the evening. There is no stipulated time for exercise. Do it at your convenience.

2. Be Diligent

Focusing on your school work, and knowing the time and place of lectures on time without being taken by surprise can reduce a lot of stress.

Do your assignments on time in order to avoid the last-minute rush as this will reduce the workload.

Imagine sitting in class peacefully waiting to submit your assignment other than running “helter-skelter” or asking for help when it is already time for submission.

Try creating a written schedule, breaking your tasks down into manageable chunks, planning accordingly, and allocating yourself time every day to relax, read or socialize.

Be present in a class at all times to avoid losing out on lectures. When you are regularly absent you give yourself too much load of trying to get updated with notes and information from different people.

This can be stressful and exhausting at the same time. Always be diligent.

3. Take Care Of Yourself

It’s important to take care of yourself because no one can do that for you. Eat healthily. Practice a well-balanced diet.

Eat food that contains protein and carbohydrates to give you enough energy to perform your task. Eat fruits regularly, especially bananas and pineapple.

Getting at least seven hours of sleep at night as a student is not a luxury, but rather a necessity.

Sleeping two to three hours in the afternoon, eating three meals each day, laughing with others, and taking a hot shower to relax at night – are great things to do for yourself.

Studying all night or sleeping all day, spending too much time alone, and being isolated is not good for you or your mental health.

Engaging in fun activities like listening to music, watching sports activities, and movies, and giving yourself a break from schoolwork can erase all forms of stress.

However, do not practice this too much in order not to lose concentration. Keep it moderate.

4. Take Responsibility For Your Actions

The first step towards doing anything right is taking responsibility for the things you do.

If you are late for class, or late in submission of an assignment that happens to every other student, acknowledge your mistake and take proper precautions to forestall reoccurrence.

Also as a student of not just school but life in general, learn to take the painful route in your quest to bag that degree.

It can be excruciating to study but the endpoint is always confidence in the fact that you can defend your grades anywhere.

Gold can only be refined by passing through fire.

The same can be likened to a person, for you to be certificate worthy, you have to pass through the fire which could be the stress of studying, attending lectures, and other school activities.

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5. Learn To Forgive Yourself

Failing tests or exams can not be ruled out in an academic environment. Failure is an opportunity to do better next time.

Forgive yourself for coming out with a low grade on a test or exam and strive to do better next time.

Forgive yourself if you have made an unhealthy choice.

Compassion is something that we can give not only to others but to ourselves as well.

Stay positive and speak positively to yourself.

All in all, this article has presented the various ways how to cope with academic stress as a student anywhere in the world.

Do take these tips and you will be on your jolly way to not just improving your grades as a student, but becoming a happier student of life.

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