How to Clear Recently Played on Spotify: Your activity on Spotify is recorded, and a section containing your most recently played songs is created. Follow these instructions to remove the songs from your Spotify “Recently Played” list if you don’t want someone else to see what you’re listening to.

How to Clear Recently Played on Spotify

If you don’t want someone else to use your account and see the music you listen to or if you simply want to reorganize your Spotify account, you might need to erase your recently played list.

It’s crucial to note that only users who haven’t accepted the most recent upgrade can remove specific songs and podcasts from the Recently Played section of their account. 

You still have the choice, though, to use your settings to remove Recently Played music and artists from your Spotify profile.

Here’s how to clear your recently played songs list on Spotify or keep it hidden from the public.

How to clear your Recently Played list on Spotify

You still have the option to remove specific tracks and podcasts from your Recently Played list if you haven’t accessed the most recent upgrade on Spotify.

Follow these steps as given below:

1. Open up Spotify on your Mac or PC.

2. Click ‘See All” next to the area labeled “Recently Played” after scrobbling down to it.

3. From your recently played history, find the song, album, playlist, or podcast that you want to remove.

4. Place your cursor on the relevant media’s cover, then either right-click or select “3 dots” from the menu that appears.

5. Select “Remove from Recently Played”.

6. The item will no longer be listed under “Recently Played” once the button has been clicked. Additionally, the item will be deleted from any other Spotify devices connected to your account, including mobile devices.

You’ll need to repeat these procedures to remove each entry from the “Recently Played” list because there isn’t a method to clear it all at once.

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How to Hide Recently Played List from Your Spotify Profile

  • If necessary, launch Spotify and log in.
  • In the top-right portion of the screen, select the profile icon.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to Social and toggle off the option to share your listening activity on Spotify.

With the steps above, you’re able to successfully clear and hide your recently played list on Spotify. Do well to share this post with friends as well.

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