December 8, 2023

How to Cancel Tinder Plus: If you frequently use Tinder, you’re undoubtedly already aware of Tinder Gold. With a Gold account, which is Tinder’s top subscription tier, you can see who has swiped right on you, promote your account so that more people can see it, and more.

How to Cancel Tinder Plus

A Tinder Gold subscription costs $14.99 a month if you’re under the age of 30, and it rises to $29.99 if you’re over that age. That costs more than almost every streaming service combined.

Fortunately, ending a Tinder Gold subscription is easy. The precise procedure just relies on how you initially signed up for Gold.

How to Cancel Your Subscription

Subscriptions renew automatically unless you cancel your subscription. Deleting the Tinder app or your Tinder account will not cancel your subscription. Follow the steps below to cancel your Tinder subscription.

On iOS

Does MK begin your order number? This indicates that Apple is billing you for the Tinder iOS app purchase you made.

To cancel your subscription using your iPhone:

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.

2. After tapping your name, select Subscriptions.

3. To cancel a subscription, choose it.

4. Select Cancel Subscription.

 On Android

Does GPA begin your order number? This signifies that the Google Play Store is billing you for the Tinder transaction you made using the Android app.

Using your Android phone, cancel your subscription:

1. The Google Play app, and then

2. Tap the profile icon in the top right.

3. Select Subscriptions from the Payments & Subscriptions menu.

4. To cancel a subscription, choose it.

5. Select Cancel Subscription.

On Tinder Online (

Your order number should begin with TNDR, right? This indicates that you made a purchase using the direct credit card payment option on or the Android version of the Tinder app.

In order to stop your subscription:

1. Log into your account at by going there.

2. Click the profile icon.

3. The Manage Payment Account option

4. Select Cancel Subscription.

5. General cancellation notices

You can continue using Tinder for the remaining number of days after canceling your subscription.

It is not possible to prorate already paid subscription fees depending on the date of cancellation, and subscription cancellation does not result in a retroactive return of subscription fees.

If you have multiple subscriptions, each one must be canceled separately and will each have a different renewal date.

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1. How do I Cancel my Tinder Plus Subscription?

Open the Tinder app for Android. Tap the profile icon. Select Manage Payment Account. Tap Cancel Subscription.

2. How do I Cancel Tinder on my Phone?

Open the Tinder for Android app. Then tap the profile icon in the top right corner.

  • Tap “Settings,” located below your profile picture, on the right.
  • Find and tap “Manage Payment Account.”
  • Tap Cancel Subscription.

3. How do I Turn off Auto-Renewal on Tinder?

To cancel your subscription using your Android phone:

  • Open the Google Play app.
  • At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  • Tap Payments & subscriptions, and then Subscriptions.
  • Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  • Tap Cancel subscription.

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