December 2, 2023

How to cancel doordash order: An online food delivery business called DoorDash has been slowly expanding for years to the point that it is almost synonymous with food delivery apps. If you use these apps occasionally, there’s a good possibility you’ll need to cancel a DoorDash order at some point.

How to Cancel Doordash Order and Get a Refund


Whatever the reason, you can cancel your DoorDash order at any moment. Perhaps the estimated delivery time is too long, or perhaps you discovered you already had dinner commitments.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to cancel right away if you want a refund.

How to Cancel a DoorDash Order

There are two routes to cancelling a DoorDash order. You can either go through the app or use a desktop computer.

1. Through the DoorDash App

To ensure customer service can help you in a timely manner, DoorDash gives you the option to cancel your order quickly and simply through the app.

You’ll start by logging into your DoorDash user portal. Then, follow this step-by-step:

  • Find the “Orders” tab on your dashboard
  • The order menu offers a drop-down that shows your in-progress orders.
  • Find the order you’re looking to cancel and click “View Order.” It should be at the top of the orders menu.
  • Then click “Help” to start canceling the DoorDash order. Clicking “Help” will bring up the Support menu.
  • DoorDash will show you the extent of your refund (whether full, partial, or zero).
  • Click “Cancel Order” if you’re happy with the terms of the cancellation.

2. Using a Personal Computer

Visit the website using your computer browser. Then, follow this step-by-step:

  • Find the Hamburger menu. Typically, it’s in the left-hand corner of the landing page.
  • Select “Orders” from the drop-down menu. It should be somewhere at the top of the list.
  • Choose the order you’re looking to cancel.
  • Click “Cancel Order”

Getting a Refund on DoorDash

There are numerous ways to get a refund on DoorDash. You might be eligible for a total or partial refund or DoorDash credits for your subsequent order.

DoorDash will email you with your information if you receive a refund in the form of credits or cash.

1. Full Refund

You can get a full refund on DoorDash if you cancel an order a few minutes after making it. If you wait before cancelling the order, it’s unlikely you’ll get a refund.

2. DoorDash Credits

Instead of cash refunds, DoorDash may offer you credits. These credits work just like coupons. You can use them to get savings on your next DoorDash order. You can also use them to give tips to Dashers.

Refund to Expect when Cancelling your Order

Your reimbursement will depend on how quickly you cancel your DoorDash order.

You can get a full refund for your purchase if you cancel before the restaurant verifies the order or DoorDash assigns a courier, but keep in mind that the window of opportunity to accomplish this is typically only a few seconds.

You will get a portion of your money back if you cancel after the restaurant confirms your order but before a courier is assigned, or the other way around.

This is due to the possibility that DoorDash will still owe money to the restaurant or the driver for any driving previously done.

You won’t get a refund if you cancel your order after both of these conditions have been met. At that point, it’s your choice whether to simply allow the food to be delivered or cancel it anyway.


FAQs on How to Cancel Doordash Order

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers for you:

1. Why can’t I Cancel an Order on DoorDash?

Under typical situations, a Dasher can’t cancel your order. If they’re at the restaurant and there’s an issue with the pick-up, there may be a need for the Dasher to cancel the order. However, they don’t have this power. Instead, they’ll have to liaise with customer support and the customer to cancel the order.

2. When you Cancel a DoorDash Order do you get your Money back?

DoorDash will only give full refunds on orders that haven’t been confirmed by the restaurant or assigned to a driver. If you try to cancel after the order is confirmed, you’ll only be refunded at most the delivery charge and tip. Visit Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories.

3. What Happens if a Customer Cancels an Order DoorDash?

If you prepared the order, you can dispute by contacting Support directly from the Merchant Portal. This order was cancelled and you were not paid, because the restaurant was reported closed.

4. What Happens if no One Picks up my DoorDash Order?

What Happens If No One Picks Up My Order? Usually, if no one grabs your order within 30 minutes, DoorDash will automatically cancel the order. Issuing you an immediate refund and an apology. If you do not want to wait that long or DoorDash does not cancel the order for some reason.

5. Who Pays for DoorDash Refund?

DoorDash absorbs the full cost of any refund and/or credit. How does DoorDash determine the error charge amount? Depending on the type of issue, DoorDash may charge the restaurant 25% to 100% of the applicable item costs, including tax, and subtracting commission paid.

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