How to Add Music to Facebook Profile: Facebook’s recent updates allow music in Facebook profiles and a lot of people are curious as to how this is done. Kindly read as we have taken our time in this article to show you how to add music to your face profile.

How to Add Music to Facebook Profile on Android and iOS

Facebook is a flexible social networking platform that lets you watch videos, play games right away, chat with friends, and even advertise your business.

Facebook can indeed do everything. Among the countless things Facebook provides, one that has just been made available is the ability to add your favorite songs to your profile.

Once the music has been added, you can listen to it whenever you like while checking your profile to see your loved ones’ most recent changes.

You will have to pick the song by hand and manually add it to your profile. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Let’s learn how to quickly add music to a Facebook profile. 

How to Add Music to Facebook Profile

1. Utilize the Facebook app for iPhone, iPad, or Android to sign into your account.

2. Upon logging in, you will be transported immediately to the feed page. You must click on the profile photo, which is located in the top right corner.

3. Once there, scroll down a little to find the Music tab on your page. You must click on that.

4. You will then be directed to the Song page after doing that. Search for the song you want to add to your profile by clicking the Plus icon. Once you’ve located the song, select Add, and it will be added.


How to Pin Music and Songs to Facebook Profile

Facebook also gives you the option to use the song-pinning feature. The music that you pin will be included on your profile. However, you can only pin one song at a time. Follow these steps to do that: 

1. Visit your Facebook page and sign in with your Facebook login information. Keep in mind that the iPad and smartphones are the only devices that support this capability.

2. Locate the Music tab on your profile page.

3. Select Music from the menu now. There will be three dots next to each song; click on those to reveal the Pin to Profile option. The song will be pinned to your profile after you click that.

4. Visit your Facebook profile to see if the song is pinned to it; it will be visible just below your profile photo. 

How to Play and Listen to Songs You Have Added to Facebook Profile

You can improve the look and sound of your profile by adding new songs to it. And it stands to reason that you would want to listen to a song after adding it to your profile image. Here is how to listen to the newly added music. 

1. Go to your profile page on Facebook by opening the app on your phone or tablet.

2. Go back to the Music menu and select that selection.

3. All of the songs that you have added to your profile will be visible. To hear any of the tracks, simply click on it. Additionally, you can listen to any song by clicking on it. 

How to Remove Unwanted Music from Facebook Profile

Songs may be removed from your profile just as quickly as they can be added. For instance, you can be tired of the song and wish to listen to something different. Here are the step-by-step instructions for achieving that:

1. Instead of going to the feed page, visit your Facebook profile page. Click the Music icon on your profile after a little amount of scrolling down.

2. There are some alternatives when you click on the three horizontal dots just next to the song.

3. You must select the deleted music from the profile option in the settings menu. The song will be permanently deleted from your profile if you do this.

4. You can eliminate a single song or a number of them. 

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How to Find the Music Feature on Facebook Profile

Facebook can effectively enable you to express yourself if you enjoy doing so through music. A few years ago, this brand-new feature was released. The following actions must be taken to locate the add Music option on your profile: 

1. Launch your Facebook app first, then sign in using your credentials. You will initially be directed to the feed page. Click on your profile to access your profile page once you’ve arrived.

2. Once on your profile page, you must scroll down a little before you find the Music tab.

3. Select the “Music” tab. The Music page will be empty since this is your first time utilizing the Music function.

4. The music search box will open when you click on the Plus icon in the top right corner. You can use this page to search for music to add to your profile.

And that is how Facebook’s Music feature operates. We agree that music makes the world a better place.

Now that Facebook gives you the option to add a song to your profile, feel free to use it to better express yourself. After all, you never know who you can inspire by simply including a song that relates to them on your profile.

Additionally, you can select music based on your mood and add it to your profile to reflect how you’re feeling right now.

The benefit of the music section is the billions of tracks that are already available for adding to your profile. Facebook has all of your favorite musical genres and singers, regardless of who you choose.

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