March 4, 2024

How Long Does it Take to Hear Back From a Job Interview: You want to know how long after a job interview should you hear back, whether it’s the first, second, or last one. And the response is: it depends! Read on!

How Long Does it Take to Hear Back From a Job InterviewSeveral factors, the most of which are beyond your control, can impact how long it takes to hear back from a firm following a job interview. And what if you don’t hear anything back?

Everyone who has ever interviewed for a job has experienced the agony of waiting for a response from a possible employer.

A missed follow-up deadline by an interviewer may leave an applicant wondering if the organisation has moved on with another candidate in the employment process.

In this post, we discuss how long you should wait following an interview before contacting your employer.


How Long Does it Take to Hear Back From a Job Interview?

Generally, give interviewers at least five business days to contact you. That is, if you interview on a Thursday, you would not contact the company until the following Thursday.

This might mean you’ll be waiting a week or longer for a response from the recruiting organisation, if they respond at all. It’s also a good idea to provide firms a short grace period if they don’t respond within the specified time frame.

It is preferable to add one to two business days for these purposes.

Why do Companies Take so Long to Respond?

Companies may need time after your interview to follow up for a variety of reasons, including:

The Interview Process is Still Ongoing

One apparent reason why a firm may not call you immediately following an interview is that they are still interviewing other applicants.

HR departments frequently interview a large number of people over a period of days or weeks.

If your interview was at the start of the process, they may be screening all of the candidates before calling for a second interview.

Send a thank-you email within 24 hours after your interview, and then allow the firm time to go over all qualified prospects.

The Candidate Search has Been Pause

A variety of factors might create a hiccup in the job hunt. Extensive emergency, a lack of requisition financing from a board of directors, or firm turnover are some instances.

If a corporation has suspended its talent search, it may take weeks or even months to resume. You must evaluate whether you are in a position to wait and whether the position is worthwhile.

Job Offers Take Time to Prepare

According to the National Association of College and Employers, new college graduates often receive employment offers more than 24 days following their initial interview.

While this is a tiny market sector of workers, these insights might indicate how long it takes organisations to create offers and how many steps are necessary to get to the offer phase.

Companies may want additional time to prepare and guarantee you are the best applicant for the post.

Departmental Ambiguity or Organisational Requirements

When HR departments are busy attempting to satisfy all of the demands of the organisation without the resources they need to operate more successfully, applicants in a large candidate pool may receive less personalised attention.

While this is inconvenient, a more organised HR department would provide better communication and follow-up.

If this is the case, it might be a clue that you should look for positions that value applicants and communication.


Unexpected Sickness or Vacation

Events, both planned and unexpected, might hold down the hiring process.

This might be a recruiting decision-maker’s planned vacation, an unanticipated sickness, or an emergency that takes the hiring manager out of the office for days or weeks at a time.

If the firm has given you a timetable for when you should expect to hear back from them, prepare to allow them a cushion of around two business days to accommodate for unanticipated events, vacations, and other personnel shortfalls.

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