December 2, 2023

Hope for the warriors scholarship Program celebrates and rewards the spouses and caregivers of post-9/11 veterans for their strength, fidelity, and resolve as they take on new and critical roles after experiencing the impact of war on their families.

Hope for the warriors scholarship

About Hope for the Warriors Scholarship

The Spouse/Caregiver Scholarship Program has given out over 140 scholarships worth more than $412,000 since its inception in 2006.

These grants help students continue their education at respected, accredited colleges, universities, or technical schools.

At this time, HOPE provides the following scholarships:

Scholarships honoraria are given to students pursuing graduate or post-graduate degrees.

1. New Beginnings Scholarship: Given to students enrolling in associates and basic training programs. Thanks to the generosity of Fred and Maria Jose Wright, the 2022 New Beginnings Scholarship has been sponsored in loving memory of Jerry Wright.

2. Restoring Family Scholarship: Given to Fallen Spouses.

3. Restoring Hope Scholarship: Given to candidates for a master’s or doctoral degree in an area linked to social work, psychological counseling, or mental health counseling.

4. Restoring Self Scholarship: Is given to people pursuing a bachelor’s degree

About Hope for the Warriors

Hope for the Warriors, a national nonprofit organization founded in 2006, works to give post-9/11 veterans, service members, and military families a renewed sense of self, family, and hope.

Hope for the Warriors has helped more than 23,200 people since it was founded by offering a range of support services centered on clinical wellness and health, sports and recreation, and transition.

200 wishes have been granted through Warrior’s Wish, one of the nonprofit’s inaugural programs, to improve life quality or enable the pursuit of fulfilling endeavors.

Additionally, since 2010, more than 25,500 people have fallen in love with Run for the Warriors.

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Hope for the Warriors Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility is based on a spouse or caregiver’s ability to show their post-9/11 service member or veteran sustained a combat-related injury and/or has a 100% permanent and total VA disability rating to include Individual Unemployability.

The Hope For The Warriors Scholarship Program considers a combat-related injury to be an injury caused by armed conflict, hazardous duty, the instrumentality of war, and simulated war.

Scholarship awards are made payable to the recipient’s institution for payment of tuition, books, and supplies. The scholarship is for U.S. colleges and universities only.

The Spring 2023 Application period will open on August 1.


What is the Military Scholarship?

Military scholarships are offered to veterans, enlisted soldiers, and high school and college students aspiring to careers in the military.

Military personnel includes individuals who serve or have served in the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force, or National Guard.

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