If you want to turn your passion for design and interior decoration into a profitable business, then starting a home staging business might be an excellent idea. Moreover, these days interior decoration is very high in demand. If you want to capitalize on your interior designing, keep reading to find out how to start a home staging business.

Home Staging Business


What is Home Staging? 

 Home staging simply means rebranding a home to make it more appealing and attractive to the owner or intending owner.

Home staging is the practice of upgrading or rearranging furnishings to highlight a home’s best features.

This can include changing the positions of furniture or using a brand new colour for the sitting room different from that of the bedroom. 

In some cases, home stagers bring in new furniture sets to change the décor and complete a home makeover.

In other cases, home stagers work with what already exists in the house and make a few tweaks, such as adding a few upscale accessories like a lamp or a rug. 

Home stagers acquire houses on their own like real estate while others just search for new homes and enquire if they need rebranding. 

Tips on How To Start a Home Staging Business 


Are you wondering how to go about your home staging? Here are easy tips for you;

1. Do Research 

Before starting anything in life whether business or any sphere of life endeavor, one needs to ask questions in order to be sure what he/she is going into. Doing research on the home staging business will go a long way in exposing you to the business.

You can find out from people who are already in the business. However, if you can’t find one, your personal instinct as a designer should help out. With strong foundational knowledge, you are good to go.

Also, there are chances that you are not the only home stager in the market. That’s why you should research your competition to stay ahead of the game.

Understand how many other home stagers are active in your area, what they charge, and how they stage a house. If you don’t have to explore other areas. 

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2. Items Needed For The Business 

To be successful in the home staging business you need to have the necessary and salient items of the business. 

You do not necessarily need to have a degree or certificate in interior decoration, however, having one is an added advantage 

There are more important items you need for this business. One of such is your commitment.

This business requires enough commitment and interest on your path as an entrepreneur. That’s where passion comes in. 

Another important item needed for this business is self-confidence. You need to be confident in yourself and know exactly what to say and how to say it. Be bold and explain everything in detail. 

Most importantly your ability to understand colors and what they stand for and how they can brighten a home is very vital. 

Lastly, it would help if you had your laptop or notebook or diary or smartphone for record-keeping in order not to miss anything.

Your laptop/phone should contain several sample pictures of beautiful homes with great interior decor.

This should serve as a catalog for your customer to have the monopoly of choosing the one they like. 

3. Give Your Business a Name 

Another important step is giving your business a name, one that will explain your services and capture your target customers.

Do not rush to come up with a name because it plays a crucial role in first impressions. 

4. Register Your Business : 

Make it official and legal. Register your business and abide by the laws of your local community.

Government registration is necessary as it makes your customers believe in you and what you can offer

5. Engage In Market Storm 

 This is very important especially if you do not have an already made property for sale.

You need to storm the market and search for homeowners who are willing to rent or sell off their houses.

You can also align with architects, engineers, etc who are directly involved in building new apartments.

Or if you see any building under construction walk in and enquire about the owner and tell the owner you are a home stager and you can make his house more appealing to him or his customers if the building is for sale or rent in order to make more money, both for yourself and the owner

6. Create a Price Structure 

This will be determined based on the location of the house. If you are in Lagos, Nigeria, houses on the island are more expensive than houses on the mainland.

Also, the cost of buying materials for decoration and transportation of housing items like furniture should all be calculated.

Have a price tag for houses in good areas as stated above and also have a price tag for staging a newly built apartment different from an apartment that has been fully set up which needs just your finishing touches to it as a house stager. 

7. Be Very Creative 

Always have it in mind that first impressions matter. You need to be very creative in setting up a home both interior and exterior.

Before your customer gets into the house to see the real deal, let him be impressed already with the work you have done outside the house.

Like setting up a good garage, and a good waste disposal system as well as making the surroundings clean and sparkling.

 In the interior, use neutral colors in decorating the house, and set up the dining and living room with good furniture and eye-catching designs.

Your customer should be captured in their very first step into the apartment. 

If you are staging your home yourself, go around it and pick out at least one positive feature in each room. Then, draw attention to that feature with subtle home staging tricks. 

For example, if you have a spot in the house where one can open the window and have a full view of the whole environment, arrange the furniture around it and hang a mirror or picture over the mantel so that it becomes the focal point.

Put away every personal belonging if the house is not a new apartment to make your customers feel at home already. Repair or install any damaged area or items in any part of the house.

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8. Create Awareness 

You won’t make any progress or have any business at all if people don’t know what you do.

Therefore, create awareness in any way you can. Most common is through your social media handles. Everyone is fully aware. 

Another is having complimentary cards. This card should be with you all the time and everywhere you go. Give to people as much as you can, you never know who your customer is.

The card should contain an active phone number that anyone can reach at any time.

9. Stay Updated

 Be very passionate about your business so you can update your designs and decorations to the latest trending designs. Attend business seminars and watch documentaries that align with you.

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