Heileybury Scholarship is aimed at offering students outstanding educational opportunities. There will be several academic, indigenous, socioeconomic, and Haileybury Foundation scholarships available for students enrolled in full-time programs in grades 5 –12 beginning in 2024. Those who exhibit greatness, exceptional achievement, and promise are urged to apply.

Haileybury Scholarships

A Haileybury Scholarship often includes a fee waiver, and recipients benefit greatly from the extra possibilities and enrichment programs available. Scholarships are not means-tested and are given out based on merit.

Scholarship Types

  • At 11+ entry-Academic, Music, Sport
  • At 13+ and 16+ entry-Academic, Drama, Music, Sport, and Art and/or Design Technology Scholarships.

Please note that Scholarships are not available at 14+ entry.

Haileybury Scholarship Duration

These scholarships will often be awarded for the duration of a student’s time at Haileybury, provided that they continue to meet the requirements.

If a student needs financial aid, a Scholarship, and Bursary may be offered at the same time depending on the student’s specific situation.


Bursaries are provided so that gifted applicants or those who have a pressing pastoral need can attend Haileybury even if their parents are unable to pay the tuition.

Scholarship applications are separate from those for financial aid.

Parents must submit a written statement in support of their child’s application. Applications for scholarships need to be turned in before the entrance exam dates. Applications for scholarships made after receiving a place offer might not be taken into account.

The Bursary Committee will make the final judgment and may grant all fees in extraordinary circumstances or just a portion of them.

List of Haileybury Scholarships

Below is a list of Haileybury Scholarship:

1. Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships recognize and reward the most outstanding candidates who exhibit academic rigor and intellectual curiosity.

Haileybury recognizes that all pupils have particular strengths and aptitudes which require nurture and support Academic Scholars have strong intellectual abilities and a particularly impressive work ethic.

The qualities we seek will typically embrace the Haileybury ethos of inquisitiveness, resourcefulness, and generosity of spirit.

Haileybury’s Academic Scholars are expected to be the School’s leading ambassadors, challenging themselves, and their peers, to improve.

All scholars are also offered the opportunity to attend courses and workshops that stretch the ablest.

2. Drama Scholarships

The dedication, creativity, and passion of our most talented and aspirational students are showcased by the Drama Scholarships.

Young actors with the necessary experience, drive, and inventiveness to be the finest actors they can be, able to improve both their own acting abilities and Haileybury’s reputation, are of particular interest to them.

Haileybury Drama Scholars are the foundation of the School’s dramatic performance and are created to give the aspiring performer the creative opportunity and instruction deserving of such an accolade.

The Drama Department provides a variety of chances for its Scholars to train with, observe, or directly learn from professionals in the business, both inside and outside the School.

The Haileybury Drama Scholar experience includes opportunities to participate in workshops with professionals in the fields of casting, acting, design, and direction, as well as theatre trips, master classes, visits to theatre schools, dance classes, singing lessons, LAMDA tuition, and two large-scale theatrical productions each year (e.g. lighting, sound and theatre design).

Two technicians work at our on-site Ayckbourn Theatre, offering a wealth of technical and design expertise and outstanding production elements to our shows.

Dancing instruction or LAMDA can be given as prizes (at the discretion of the Director of Drama).

13+ previous experience is important but not essential. There is also the expectation to study Drama at GSCE and beyond.

At 16+ GCSE Drama (grade 7+) or equivalent and relevant experience essential expectation to study Drama at A level or IB.

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3. Sport Scholarships

Sports have always been a big part of school life, and many of our former students have gone on to participate at the regional and national levels.

Candidates who demonstrate expertise in a particular sport and significant leadership potential are offered sports scholarships.

Students are required to actively participate in school sports throughout the year and to set a high standard both on and off the field of play.

They will receive assistance from top-notch athletic trainers, including Michael Owen, a former rugby player for Wales and the British and Irish Lions.

They offer scholarships in the sports of football, rugby, cricket, swimming, netball, and lacrosse.

At 11+, attitude, athletic ability, and raw talent are the key factors in selecting a sports scholar.

Also at 13+, a scholar demonstrates excellence in performance, a high level of promise, and potential for leadership.

At 16+, we would expect to see evidence of top-level competition, leadership skills, and a first-class attitude to sport.

4. Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships at Haileybury are viewed as a testament to the dedication, motivation, and passion of our most gifted and musically aspirational students.

Haileybury Music Scholars are the foundation of the School’s musical activity. Music Scholarships are aimed to provide the professional musician with the status and training deserving of such an honor.

The Music Department provides a unique set of skills and experiences for our Scholars, including various chances for them to interact with, play with, observe, or learn directly from professional musicians from both inside and outside the School.

The Haileybury Music Scholar experience includes workshops, concert trips, master classes, visits to conservatories, consultation lessons, and performing with a full-size professional symphony orchestra, as well as opportunities to experience aspects of music-making that aren’t typically taught at the secondary level (e.g. conducting).

Prizes may come with up to three instrument lessons in music (at the discretion of the Director of Music).

Potential and aspiration are equally significant, even though accomplishment, technique, and creative flare are crucial requirements. Regardless of how many grades or tests a student has taken, Haileybury’s music department is as (if not more) interested in seeing and hearing from young musicians who have the desire, drive, and imagination to be the best musicians they can be.

For any musician, perseverance and rigor are key ingredients to success, as is the ability to think independently.

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5. Art and/or Design Technology Scholarships

Offering scholarships in these fields demonstrates a high level of originality and independence of thought.

Haileybury is especially interested in hearing from students who have the drive, skill, and imagination to push the envelope, stretch themselves, and contribute to the school’s artistic and creative life.

There is no house style at Haileybury; instead, students are encouraged to experiment with a variety of media and genres in order to find their own unique aesthetic.

Scholars gain significantly from the additional enrichment they receive. This may include:

  • Trips to museums, galleries, art schools, and universities
  • Lectures from experts in their respective field
  • Nationally-recognized competitions
  • Extended use of the School’s facilities.

Art and/or Design Technology Scholars are those who really show the potential to offer significant capability and innovation. The qualities we seek from potential Scholars include some or all of the following:

  • A solid portfolio of material showing a real interest, technical capability, and creative flair
  • An ability to think differently or objectively about the world around them
  • A fundamental interest in Art or Design Technology and the eloquence to talk around or about subjects they are interested in
  • Evidence of success

Art and Design Technology Scholars at Haileybury are expected to take Art/or Design Technology to GCSE level or A level/International Baccalaureate level respectively.

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