December 3, 2023

FUTMINNA hostel requirements: Getting admission and having good accommodation is a dream for every student, especially freshers. Futminna Hostel is accommodating and is close to the school to ensure you get quick access. Keep reading to know the requirements of applying for the hostel, how to apply, and how much the hostel fee costs in FUTMINNA

FUTMINNA hostel requirements

FUTMINNA hostel accommodation for both fresh and old students is now available. The fee is also out for most fresh and final-year students. The management of the Federal University of Technology, Minna(FUTMINNA) pays adequate attention to both 100-level and final-year students.

This only pertains to hostel accommodation before students in the 200 level, 300 level, or 400 level as the case may be, will be considered.

This is because it aids new students to adapt easily and plan for a new phase of life. This phase includes easy access to fellow new students, materials/books, tutorials, and lecture halls.

However, this is based on a first come first serve basis. This is also the case with final-year students as they round up their studies in the school.

About FUTMINNA Hostel

Federal University of Technology, Minna hostel accommodation for students is conducive for students. Though FUTMINNA hostel accommodation fee varies from hostel to hostel. The amount of fee for hostel fees will be given below. So it is up to you to make the decision if you have an interest in making use of the school hostel.

Or On the other hand,  you can rent an apartment outside the FUTMINNA campus. Hence, please note that hostel accommodation in FUTMINNA is not compulsory. However, it is a piece of good advice that students especially, freshers, stay within the school campus. This should last at least their first year to adapt to the school environment.

Therefore, read below the FUTMINNA hostel accommodation fee for new and returning students 2023/2024 academic session.


How much is the FUTMINNA hostel fee

Consequently, FUTMINNA acceptance fees, school fees, and hostel accommodation fees are mandatory fees for every new student.  Therefore students are to pay upon gaining admission.

Although the hostel accommodation fee is not a compulsory fee but an important one for freshers. Besides the fact, it cost benefits implications, the benefits listed above should be taken into consideration.

The hostel accommodation is available for all levels except for the 300-level students. This is because some might be going for their various IT programs.

The hostel Accommodation Fee is 20,000 Naira per student.

So, the above amount is the hostel accommodation fee for all hostels in FUTMINNA. The hostel accommodation is for both fresh and returning students for the 2023/2024 academic session. However, this is subject to change by the school management. Hence, the amount is not static.

FUTMINNA hostel requirements

Consequently, applying for futminna hostel involves some requirements. Futminna hostel requirements are not cumbersome.  You just need a few things. You must be a year 1 or final year student. Keep reading to know more.

However, the most important requirement is that you must be a registered student of the institution with proof of school fee payments and proper documentation.

Also, students are to make sure that they have been cleared after their registration and documentation and then proceed with the application.

Thus when you have what is stated above, kindly follow these procedures to apply for FUTMINNA hostel accommodation.

How to Apply for FUTMINNA hostel accommodation

In order to apply for FUTMINNA hostel accommodation you need to follow the appropriate steps. Hence, if you follow these steps, you will have a successful application. Read below to follow the correct steps;

  • Visit the FUTMINNA hostel portal
  • Login to your dashboard using the required details asked
  • Scroll down to the right and click on the menu option
  • Locate and click on the hostel button
  • Fill in all the required details asked
  • Proceed to make the payment, using either electronics/bank teller
  • Print out the hostel payment confirmation through your dashboard
  • Take your payment proof (online slip) to the student affairs division for documentation and hostel allocation.

Important points to note

Meanwhile, due to a lack of sufficient bed space, bed space is given based on first come first serve. So as a student, you need to always stay up to date to know when the information about applying for hostels begins.

In addition, always listen to the university radio station Search FM (92.3) for up-to-date news about the school. With this, you won’t be taken unawares. Or on the other hand, get a pooping message of “no bed space available “when you try to book bed space for the hostel

Just like in our early discussions,  freshers and final-year students normally receive preference during hostel accommodation booking.

Thus it is very necessary that as a fresher, you should get accommodation within the school environment. The following are the reasons you should desire to get accommodation inside the school.

  • Have easy access to the school resources
  • Familiarity with the school environment
  • Meet with other students
  • Sharing and learning new things with them and improving yourself.



1. Can non-indigenes apply for a hostel?

Definitely yes. The basic FUTMINNA hostel requirement is that you must gain admission first into the institution. This is a general requirement and applies to both indigenes and non-indigenes.

2. Is FUTMINNA hostel accommodation compulsory for freshers

You should know that as a fresher FUTMINNA hostel accommodation is not compulsory but it is optional. It is solely your decision. But, living in a hostel will make you acquainted with the school environment, and have close access to lecture halls.

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