If you are interested in getting into FUOTUOKE, the FUOTUOKE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers is a gateway ticket for you. Read through to know how to download it and get some other useful tips that will serve as a guide.

FUOTUOKE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

About Federal University, Otuoke

In Otuoke, a town in the Ogbia local government area of Bayelsa State, Southern Nigeria, the Federal University, Otuoke is a federally funded university.

When the university first opened its doors in 2011, there were 282 pioneering students. This institution is extraordinarily amazing and excellent.

Knowledge creation, diffusion, preservation, and application are the goals of the Federal University, Otuoke.

The Federal University of Otuoke’s (FUO) mission is to establish and uphold a reputation as a top-tier institution that pushes each of its students to reach the highest levels of intellectual and personal development, advance sustainable development, and provide meaningful and moral service to the community, the state, and humanity.

Additionally, it provides a huge selection of courses in many faculties that span practically all areas of life.

Undergraduate degree programs are available. In the faculties of Science, Management Science, Social Science, Humanities, Education, Engineering, and Technology, the university provides undergraduate programs.

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FUOTUOKE Courses that are Available


FUOTUOKE Post UTME Past Questions

We have for you:

  • A broad selection of past Post UTME questions and answers from FUOTUOKE, comprising all subjects that will be on the exam.
  • Thorough explanations for each question so you can figure out the right answer and the reasons behind it.
  • A PDF configuration to ease download and printing, authorizing you to study from anywhere globally and at any point in time.

As soon as you finish reading our previous questions and answers, you will be able to see trends in the types of questions asked and devise strategies to deal with them.

You will also have a greater understanding of the mathematics matter and will be more prepared to answer any exam question.

Spend time learning about relevant topics. Invest in our FUOTUOKE Post UTME Past Questions and Answers package to maximize your chances of success.

Our sample questions are designed to give you an advantage over other applicants because they are based on genuine questions from previous years and will prepare you for the format and kind of questions you will face on test day.

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Why You Need FUOTUOKE Post UTME Past Questions

1. Understanding the Structure of a Paper and the Language they Use

It helps you to know how everything is laid out and on exam day you don’t stress out over it.

It’s important to be aware of the location of any additional material that may be included on the exam paper, such as equations for the sciences and mathematics.

After completing a few practice exams, you are familiar with the format of the questions.

It’s good to be aware of this so you don’t write an essay-length response for a 2-mark question and run out of time for a 10-mark question later in the paper.

In general, the paper will start with lower-mark questions and build up.

2. Time Management

The usefulness of finishing our sample past questions is that you can estimate how much time you will have for each question.

Even better, invite a parent, sibling, or friend to serve as your invigilator and keep track of how much time is remaining.

3. Understand the Allocation of Marks

It also helps to understand how and why points are assigned in a particular way, pointing to an underlying marking scheme for each previous exam.

You can mark your own work in this way and observe where the marks are placed.

You will be able to organize your replies using this knowledge of the many types of answers that are needed.

By using the marking scheme, you can improve your answering techniques and ultimately shorten your exam time.

4. Good Way to Practice Writing

In case all your revision notes are arranged in bullets, using our past papers is a helpful technique to practice organizing the knowledge you have learned into paragraphs. As a result, you will also be able to communicate your information accurately, which is just as important as really possessing it.

5. Assessment of your Possible Scores

Immediately after studying our material, you can mark your own work and then assess your result.

This action enables you to ascertain which parts of the subject you are capable of responding to and which features require additional revision.

By doing so, you may stay on top of your studying and adjust your schedule accordingly.

Even if you don’t feel satisfied with your performance using our sample past questions, don’t get discouraged.

Try again! Rest assured that these sample papers will serve as excellent preparation for test days. Retry after learning from your mistakes.

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Tips to Help you Pass the Post UTME Exam

You can use the following tested tips to pass the post-UTME exams:

1. Understand the Exam Format

Familiarize yourself with the format of the Post UTME exam. This includes the number of questions, the time allocated, and the scoring system.

2. Study the Right Material

Ensure you are studying the right material for the post-UTME exam. This includes the syllabus, past questions, and other relevant materials.

3. Make a Study Schedule

Create a realistic study schedule and stick to it. This will help you stay on track and ensure that you cover all the necessary material before the exam.

4. Practice With Past Questions

Practice with past post-UTME questions and answers to get a sense of the questions that are likely to be asked on the exam.

5. Understand the Exam Structure

Understand the exam structure; this includes the number of questions, the time allocated, and the scoring system.

6. Time Management

Manage your time effectively during the exam. Ensure you have enough time to read and understand each question before answering it.

7. Stay Ealm

Maintain your cool during the exam. Do not panic if you come across a difficult question. Take a deep breath and think through the question before answering it.

8. Get Enough Rest

Get enough rest the night before the exam. Being well-rested will help you stay focused during the exam.

9. Stay positive

Stay positive and believe in yourself. Believe that you have prepared well and can do well on the exam.

10. Read the instructions carefully

Read the instructions carefully before you begin the exam. Make sure you understand what is being asked of you before you start answering the questions.

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The FUOTUOKE Post UTME Screening Sample Past Questions and Answers


1. Four persons accused of currency … are being held by the security agents.

(A) trafficking

(B) traffiking

(C) traficking

(D) traviking

2. Gone are the days when he… enjoy patronage.

(A) used to

(B) could

(C) would

(D) will

3. Jubril found that thieves had entered his house in his absence. He went to the police to report the…

(A)   break-in

(B)   break into

(C)   break out

(D)   break up

4. After the accused was found guilty by the court, his counsel… before the sentence was passed

(A) made an ovation

(B) made a plea for litigation

(C) begged for mercy

(D) made a plea for mitigation

Current Affairs

1. The Director-General of the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies is

(A) Justice Nikki Tobi

(B) Prof. (Mrs) Bolanle Awe

(C) Prof. Dalhatu Musdapher

(D) Prof. Pat Utomi

(E) Prof. Epiphany Azinge

2. Centre of Unity is to Abuja as the State of Hospitality is to

(A) Nassarawa

(B) Sokoto

(C) Rivers

(D) Cross River

(E) Katsina

3. Desmond Tutu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in

(A) 2000

(B) 1984

(C) 1983

(D) 1987

(E) 2001

4. Victoria is the capital city of

(A) Burundi

(B) Lesotho

(C) Somalia

(D) Morocco

(E) Seychelles

5. The capital of Uruguay is

(A) Manila

(B) Uru

(C) Bangkok

(D) Montevideo

(E) Bern


1. In bony fishes, the swim bladder is used for

(A) equalizing fluid pressures between the fish and the surrounding water.

(B) absorbing more water when the fish is about to descend to a lower level

(C) adjusting the weight of the fish when swimming at different levels.

(D) extracting oxygen from water which enters the mouth of the fish.

2. The theory that new organs or characteristics develop in organisms when there is a need for them was postulated by

(A) Charles Darwin

(B) Wallace

(C) Lean Lamarck

(D) Gregor Mendel

3. Ribosomes are found in all living cells. What is their function?

(A) cellular respiration

(B) synthesis of proteins

(C) excretion of waste products

(D) intracellular transport

4. The cocoon into which an earthworm lays its egg is produced in the

(A) chaeta

(B) clitellum

(C) prostomium

(D) peristomium

5. Daughters receive their X-chromosome from their

(A) relative

(B) siblings

(C) father

(D) mother


1. An element X forms the following compounds with chlorine: XCl4, XCl3, XCl2. This illustrates the

(A) law of conservation of mass

(B) law of chemical proportions

(C) law of multiple proportions

(D) law of definite proportions

2. The molecular formula of a common organic laboratory anesthetic is

(A) CCl4

(B) CHF3

(C) CHCl3

(D) CHI3

3. Organic molecules that have the suffix-ene are unsaturated hydrocarbons that have

(A) a triple bond

(B) an ionic bond

(C) a single bond

(D) double bond

4. Cotton is almost pure

(A) animal fiber

(B) cellulose

(C) starch

(D) protein

5. Lucas reagent is used to test for

(A) alkanols

(B) amines

(C) alkanes

(D) alkanoic acids


1. Tunse bought a house for N1,250,000 and spent N350,000.00 to renovate it. He then sold the house for N2,000,000.00. What is the percentage gain?

(A) 35%

(B) 32%

(C) 40%

(D) 65%

2. List the integral values of which satisfy the inequality -2 < 7 – 3x≤ 10

(A) 1, 2, 3

(B) 0, 1,2

(C) -1, 0, 1, 2

(D) -2, 0, 1

3. The second and fifth terms of a geometric progression are 21 and 567 respectively find the first term and the common ratio of the progression.

(A) -7, 3

(B) -3, 7

(C) 3, 7

(D) 7, 3

4. In a class, 120 students speak English or French or both. 70 speak English and 55 speak French. How many speak English but not French.

(A) 55

(B) 60

(C) 45

(D) 50

5. The lengths of the sides of a right-angled triangle are ym, (3y – 1)m, and (3y + 1)m, find y.

(A) 8

(B) 4

(C) 12

(D) 9

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