FIU scholarships program is devoted to assisting graduate and undergraduate students in acquiring the abilities, motivation, and drive necessary to seek out and win scholarships that support their academic and career aspirations. Read on for more information.

FIU Scholarships

Scholarships help you graduate from FIU with your degree and with little to no debt. The majority of scholarships are need-based financial help.

However, some may also have requirements based on merit (given based on your performance and academic standing). To maximize your chances of being accepted, apply early and to as many scholarships as you can.

How to Find Scholarships at FIU

Admitted students can track their scholarship awards in one spot, search for scholarships based on requirements, and build profiles using the FIU scholarship search tool.

You can log in with your FIU username and password to apply as soon as you’ve applied to FIU and obtained a Panther ID.

The optimum time to apply for scholarships is during the spring semester. The majority of the awards listed in the FIU Scholarship Search become available in January and February and end in March or later.

Applying to as many scholarships as you can in the spring will boost your chances of receiving financial help for the following academic year, even if some awards are still open in the fall and winter.

FIU Scholarship Types

The Office of Scholarships helps students find available scholarships. Students are urged to use the FIU Scholarship Search to look for and apply for scholarships.

The key scholarships that FIU supports are as follows:

1. Merit Scholarships: Freshmen or transfer students at FIU are given merit scholarships (with at least 60 credits).

2. Scholarships offered by specific colleges, schools, or departments at Florida International University are referred to as departmental scholarships at FIU.

3. Prestigious Scholarships: Students who are seeking or intending to pursue a graduate degree, study abroad options, or research opportunities may be eligible for prestigious scholarships, which are extremely competitive grants.

Scholarships that are not supported by FIU departments or divisions are known as “non-FIU Scholarships.”

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FIU Scholarship for First-Year Students

First-Year Merit Scholarships

The competition for merit scholarships is fierce. To be eligible to apply, students must demonstrate a history of exceptional academic success. The top merit scholarships for incoming first-year students are as follows:

Presidential Premier: Students that have at least a 4.0 GPA and 1370 SAT or 30 ACT scores. provides a book allowance in addition to 100% tuition and fees.

Ambassador Premier: Students with a 4.0 GPA and an SAT or ACT score of 1280 or higher. A book stipend is included in the 75% tuition and fees award.

Students with the National Merit designation are chosen as finalists for Presidential/Ambassador scholarships. Full tuition, fees, room, and board are awarded, up to the declared cost of attendance from the Office of Student Financials.

FIU Collegeboard National Recognition Programs (African American, Hispanic, Indigenous, or Rural and Small Town Recognition) – Students who qualify for Presidential/Ambassador scholarships and are selected as a finalist. Awards full tuition, stipend for books, and $1000 stipend towards meal plan each semester.

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Application Requirements

  • Be a newly admitted FIU first-year student
  • Meet the academic eligibility listed above
  • Submit 2 letters of recommendation
  • Write an essay response to a prompt

Visit the FIU Scholarship Search for applications, deadlines, requirements, and award notifications for these scholarships and others.

FIU sends notifications of scholarship awards by email. Note: scholarships are removed once the deadline has passed.

Visit OneStop for Scholarship Renewal and Appeal. A student is only eligible for one merit scholarship. Fill out an application for the scholarship for which you are eligible.

Any federal funding or private scholarships, such as Florida Bright Futures and Florida Pre-paid, may be “stacked” with a merit award.

Tuition is covered by merit scholarships for the time period specified in the scholarship. They do not apply to any accelerated program’s graduate credits.

Scholarship Dates and Deadlines

  • Merit scholarships open: July 2023
  • Admitted to FIU: November 15, 2023
  • Last day to submit scholarship application: December 1, 2023
  • Notification of scholarship awards: March 2024
  • Last day to accept scholarships and submit deposit: May 1, 2024

*Applicants must have the scores sent directly to FIU when they register for the SAT or ACT so the scores can be received by the university in time for scholarship consideration. November 5, 2023, SAT/October 22, 2023 ACT- are the last test dates that will be considered for scholarship eligibility; all other supporting credentials and a completed application should already be received by the scholarship application deadline.

FIU Scholarship for Graduates

A limited number of students may be eligible for scholarships from your department or program. Use the FIU Scholarship Search to find scholarships.

The FIU Office of Scholarships assists students in locating and submitting applications for numerous FIU scholarships as well as those that the university does not directly offer.

Graduate students face intense competition for scholarships, so working with the Office of Scholarships to strengthen your application can help you gain a competitive edge.

The University Graduate School’s Income Page contains details on various sources of funding, such as assistantships and fellowships.

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