Do you want to know about the Ekiti State University School Fees? If so, the Ekiti State University School Fees and EKSU Admission Requirements for 2023/2024 UTME and Direct Entry (DE) applicants are listed below. Continue reading!

Ekiti State University School Fees


About Ekiti State University

The university was established in 1982 and is located in Ado, Ekiti State, in southwest Nigeria. Ekiti State University is dedicated to creating quality graduates who would help to tackle Nigeria’s social and economic concerns.

This is accomplished by providing pupils with a high-quality education. Ekiti State University, like most state institutions in the country, has no religious affiliation and admits students from all around the country.

However, the majority of university students are from Nigeria’s Yoruba ethnic group. The university is fairly economical and provides degrees in science and technology, education, arts, management, and social sciences, among other fields.

Because the university has a huge student and faculty population, entrance to this university is quite tough.

The university also accepts overseas students and provides housing for them, while many students live off-campus in Ado-Ekiti and the surrounding areas.

The educational fees at Ekiti State University are quite reasonable [100,000 – 200,000] and there is good infrastructure.


Ekiti State University School Fees 2023/2024

The Ekiti State University School Fees for the 2022/2023 academic semester are shown below. More information may be found here:

COURSES OFFERED100 L200 L300 L400 L500/600L

Faculty of Administration

Banking And Finance171,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Business Administration171,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Public Administration171,00061,50056,00056,00056,000

Faculty of Agriculture

Agricultural Economics and Extension Services170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Fisheries and Aquaculture Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Animal Production And Health Services170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Crop Soil And Environmental Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Forestry Wildlife And Fisheries170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Hospitality And Tourism170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000

Arts And Humanities

Arabic And Islamic Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
English And Literary Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
History And International Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Religious Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Theatre Arts170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000

College of Medicine

A) Faculty of Basic and Allied Medicine
Pathology (Morbid Anatomy), and Physiology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000

Faculty of Clinical Sciences

Epidemiology and Community Health170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Obstetrics and Gynecology and Surgery.170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000


Adult Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Agricultural Science And Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Business Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Curriculum Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Accountancy170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Christian Religious Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Computer Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Economics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Electrical/Electronics Technology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Mathematics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Mechanical & Auto Mechanical Technolog170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Physics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Yoruba170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Biology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Chemistry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And English Language170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And French170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Geography170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And History170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Integrated Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Political Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Social Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education Foundations And Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Educational Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Educational Management & Planning170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Guidance & Counseling170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Human Kinetics And Health Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Industrial Technical Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Mathematics /Statistics Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Nursery And Primary Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Physical And Health Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Technical Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Vocational And Technical Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000


Banking And Finance170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Civil Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Computer Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Electrical /Electronics Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Environmental Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Mechanical Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000

Law/Legal Studies


Social Sciences

Geography And Planning Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Political Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000


Biological Science(S)170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Computer Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Industrial Chemistry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Industrial Mathematics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Plant Science And Forestry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Pure Chemistry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Science Laboratory Technology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000

EKSU Admission Requirements For 2023/2024

The following are the prerequisites for individuals seeking admission to EKSU via JAMB (UTME):

1. A minimum of 5 Ordinary Level Credits in the Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (SSCE/GCE) in a maximum of two sittings.

2. For your course, you must select the appropriate JAMB subject combination.

3. To get admitted to Ekiti State University, candidates must have scored at least 160 in the recently completed JAMB UTME examination.

4. EKSU should be your first choice of university.

5. To be considered for admission, you must participate in the EKSU POST UTME/SCREENING.

6. Candidates must be at least 16 years old.

EKSU Requirements For Direct Entry (DE) 2023/2024

The following are the requirements for candidates seeking admission to Ekiti State University through Direct Entry:

1. A minimum of 5 Ordinary Level Credits in the Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (SSCE/GCE) in a maximum of two sittings.

2. Candidates must have two ‘A’ level/IJMB passes in topics relating to their field of study.

3. JUPEB/A’ Level passes in related topics are required.

4. Degree (First Class/Second Class Upper) in a discipline relating to your course of study.

5. Direct admission students must acquire the EKSU Direct Entry form from the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) or the EKSU Portal.

6. A Merit Pass in the National Certificate of Education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), or other Advanced Level Certificates is required.

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