March 4, 2024

Easiest PA Schools to Get Into: Would you want to find the quickest ways to enroll in PA schools? If so, read this article. Public health majors who want to attend PA school must first complete a number of general education courses.

Easiest PA Schools to Get Into

These classes will aid students in getting ready for the demanding PA program. Pre-health classes might be useful for those who want to major in medical assistance and attend PA school.

Anatomy and Physiology, Health Administration, Principles of Medicine, Principles of Psychiatry, and administrative areas of practice are a few of these pre-health courses.

The decision to pursue this job is sensible, regardless of whether attending PA school to earn a diploma or as an additional degree.

The healthcare industry offers excellent employment opportunities for assistants, and the pay scale is one of the highest in the country.

Anyone seeking a fulfilling job in the healthcare industry may find attending PA school to be a wise decision.

What are Physician Assistants?

Physician Assistants are People who lack the prerequisites for medical school and want to spread knowledge about how to stay healthy and can become physician assistants.

They license most physician assistants and medical practitioners who work under a doctor’s supervision.

These persons have to complete a PA program that has been authorized in order to receive the training they require.

They must then take the state test in order to be able to practice in any hospital. At its most fundamental level, PA schools are institutions of higher learning that provide services that are often divided into classroom and clinical instruction.

An individual may receive a license allowing them to work if they complete a program at one of these organizations.

Easiest PA Schools to Get Into And Requirements

Getting into a PA school may be difficult at times, and it is certainly not the simplest endeavor. As a result, the easiest PA schools to get into listed below are competitive and renowned institutions with lesser prerequisites for candidates.

1. Missouri State University PA School

For years, Missouri State University has taken pleasure in offering its students a top-notch medical education.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Physician Assistant program is the ideal option for individuals interested in a career in medicine.

The admissions committee will contact you when the initial screening is complete to ask for your personal statement.

The curriculum offers students a range of possibilities, such as being supervised by a qualified physician, finishing an internship program in a hospital, or even working with a nearby community health center.

All sessions are instructed by experts with years of practical experience working as nurses and physician assistants.

Additionally, and in contrast to other PA programs, Missouri State University provides professional clinical experience at each stage of its two-year program.

Primary Prerequisites:

  • 3 recommendation letters
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0
  • GRE needed

2. Marquette University Physician Assistant School

The Marquette University Physician Assistant School provides a variety of courses to assist educate students for careers in allied healthcare.

Students enrolled in the university’s Physician Assistant School should have at least 200 hours of general patient interaction or healthcare experience.

Admission to the Marquette University Physician Assistant School is relatively simple, making it one of the most accessible PA schools.

However, keep in mind that the application process includes a personal interview, and it’s worth noting that Marquette University is well-known for its holistic approach to people.

Primary Prerequisites:

  • 200 or more hours minimum of patient interaction and other healthcare experience
  • GPA must be at least 3.0 in science.
  • GRE needed for seniors and undergraduate applicants
  • Knowledge of the Physician Assistant profession


3. Rosalind Franklin University PA School

Many options are available for medical students at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science PA School of Medicine.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Clinical Nutrition, Cellular, and Molecular Pharmacology, and Microbiology and Immunology are among them.

Overall, we believe it is one of the best and, without a doubt, one of the simplest PA schools to get into.

Primary Prerequisites:

  • All necessary coursework must have a minimum grade of “C” and be accomplished within the past 10 years.
  • A minimum GPA and science GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale is required.
  • The final 60 hours of completed courses will be given special consideration.
  • GRE is required.
  • 2 letters of recommendation
  • An individual statement

Aside from that, the following courses must be completed before applying:

  • Biochemistry
  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Physiology
  • Microbiology

4. Barry University Physician Assistant


The Barry University Physician Assistant program educates students on collaborative health care and encourages life-long learning and professional development.

It also promotes a technologically advanced environment and substantial clinical training opportunities for a wide range of patient demographics.

The Physician Assistant program at Barry University teaches students about the fundamental ideas and philosophies of the allied health care profession, such as teamwork, communication, and clinical practice.

This program also teaches students how to put collaborative practice into action. Collaborative practice refers to physicians who collaborate closely with other physicians in their separate offices, clinics, or hospitals.

Primary Prerequisites:

  • 1 course in Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry completed
  • 2 General/Inorganic Chemistry courses finished
  • 2 Human Anatomy and Physiology courses completed
  • GPA and Science GPA must be at least 3.0.
  • GRE is required.

5. University of New England Physician Assistant School

The Physician Assistant School at the University of New England offers a two-year curriculum that involves not just academics but also clinic experience and practice.

As you can see from the list of qualifications, a GRE score is not required, and they instead depend entirely on your GPA, history, and experience. Of sure, that is something to think about.

Primary Prerequisites:

  • 20 hours of shadowing
  • 3 recommendation letters
  • 500 hours of direct patient care
  • A minimum overall GPA of 3.0

6. University of Utah

Completion of Human Anatomy and Physiology or Anatomy and Physiology courses

For various reasons, the University of Utah is one of the simplest PA schools to get into. To begin with, while they recommend a GPA of 3.0, their minimum requirement is 2.7, the lowest on this list.

It’s worth noting that the University of Utah is one of the country’s oldest PA schools, having been in operation since 1971.

Furthermore, according to US News & World Report, the University of Utah is the fourth finest PA school in the US.

Last but not least, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, they have reduced their healthcare required hours to 1500 rather than 2000.

Primary Prerequisites:

  • 3 recommendation letters
  • A minimum overall and science GPA of 2.7 (3.0 recommended)
  • At least 2000 hours of healthcare experience


7. The George Washington University Physician Assistant School

George Washington University boasts one of the greatest institutions and one of the best PA programs in the United States, in addition to being one of the simplest PA schools to get into.

However, it’s vital to remember that they have more prerequisites than the other colleges. Students can find a means to get a Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant at George Washington University.

The institution, which has campuses in Washington, D.C., provides courses in psychology, nursing, medical studies, and biomedical technology.

Students who are interested in pursuing a career as a physician assistant might attend George Washington University, one of the prestigious universities in the District of Columbia.

For those who want to work in medicine, the Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant (BSPA) degree is ideal.

They will also acquire the clinical abilities necessary to deliver first-rate patient care. Additionally, program graduates will be well-versed in the most recent medical and specialized technologies.

Primary Prerequisites:

  • 1000 hours of direct patient care
  • 2 recommendation letters
  • GRE passed within the last 5 years
  • Minimum science and overall GPA of 3.0
  • Official transcript and degree evaluation
  • One semester in Anatomy as well as one in Physiology
  • One semester of Psychology
  • One semester of Statistics
  • Two semesters of chemistry for science majors

Can I Join a PA School With a Low GPA?

The GPA is one of the most crucial criteria for admission to a PA program. As a result, ensuring that you have the greatest application possible can increase your chances of admission to the institute.

First and foremost, if you did not provide your best effort as a freshman, you should think about retaking the classes.

In fact, doing so may allow you to earn more course credits and, as a result, get admission to a PA program more quickly. Aside from the GPA, make sure your whole application is the greatest it can be.

While your GPA is important, you should also ensure that the remainder of your application appears nice. Examine the prerequisites and give it your all to get into PA school.

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