Eagle Scout Scholarships: The National Eagle Scout Association is pleased to offer scholarships that might support you while you pursue your academic goals. Eagle Scouts like you are essential to maintaining the foundation of our great country because you are future leaders. Continue reading to learn more about this scholarship.

Eagle Scout Scholarships

About National Eagle Scout Association

Because a Scout’s path does not end at Eagle, the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) has been giving Eagle Scout pride a purpose for 50 years.

The creation of leaders who uphold the Scout Oath and Law and are responsible, active citizens is made possible in large part by the efforts of NESA members.

NESA will keep giving Eagle Scouts the tools they need to carry on Scouting’s goal, core principles, and time-honored traditions for future generations as we look ahead to the next 50 years.

We’ll support you in figuring out how to continue the Eagle Scout heritage of excellence with your time and money.

If you are not a member of our premier organization, please consider joining today and be a part of ensuring the missions and traditions of Scouting are strong for the next 50 years.

Eligibility Requirement

Beginning in their final year of high school and continuing through their junior year of undergraduate study, or by the midway point of their associate degree program or skilled trade program, Eagle Scouts may apply for NESA scholarships.

1. A recipient is only eligible to earn a NESA scholarship once.

2. Eagle Scouts who are now enrolled in or accepted by a recognized educational institution as full-time students (at least 12 credits) in a course of study leading to an academic degree (including associate degrees) or a skilled trade program are eligible to apply for NESA scholarships.

3. The recipients of the Cooke four-year scholarship must be enrolled full-time (at least 12 credit hours) in a bachelor’s degree-granting program at an eligible four-year college or university.

3. NESA scholarships are not available to students attending any of the U.S. military academies.

4. NESA scholarships are not available to graduate students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree.

Application Timeline

Eagle Board of Review Date: Must be on or before January 24, 2024.

Application Portal Open: December 1, 2023, through January 31, 2024.

The application must be Completed and Submitted by 11:59 p.m. CST on January 31, 2024.

Announcement of Scholarship Awards: June 10, 2024.

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2024 NESA Scholarships Awarded

Below are the details on the scholarships awarded during the 2024 scholarship season:

1. Lawrence S. and Mabel Cooke Scholarship

In honor of his late wife, Mabel Cooke, Lawrence S. Cooke created the scholarships.

Eagle Scout award winners must have demonstrated academic excellence, a need for financial assistance, and active involvement in both school and scouting activities.

A $48,000 Lawrence S. and Mabel Cooke Scholarship (up to $12,000 per year for four years) was awarded to one national recipient.

One $16,000 scholarship (up to $4,000 a year for four years) was given to each of the 16 NSTs.

2. National Eagle Scout Association Scholarship

Endowments from the National Eagle Scout Association, the Hansen & Mary Hall Scholarship Fund, the Lester S. McElwain Eagle Scholarship Endowment, and the Robert and Rebecca Palmer Eagle Scout Scholarship Endowment all contribute to the funding of these awards.

Eagle Scouts who have demonstrated active involvement in school, scouting activities, and community service, as well as who show they understand the foundations of community service, scouting service, and their character, are given scholarships.

If they have a financial need, they should also be able to explain what makes it unique from other needs.

Each of the 16 NSTs received two $3,500 scholarships in addition to one $7,500 grant.

To Apply for a NESA Scholarship

To update the application, you will not require any BSA membership numbers or IDs; nevertheless, you must be a member of NESA. Do not get in touch with NESA to confirm your membership.

Click the “Click here to apply” button below to access the NESA scholarship portal and begin the application process. Applications can only be submitted in this manner.

When accessing the portal for the first time, click “New applicant” to start the scholarship application process. All new applicants must click “New applicant” to start the application procedure (other BSA IDs and passwords will not function).

After creating your Portal account, you may start completing the application.

You do not need to complete the application all at once; you can come back and make updates.

You will receive a link to access your application. Save this link to make any updates.

Troubleshooting: If you log into the portal and do not see your scholarship application, most likely you did not use the link to access it. Please do not create a new application; log back in using the link provided.

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Scholarship Award Condition

The awardee must be an active member of the National Eagle Scout Association for each award period.

Awardees will register, maintain, and provide NESA with proof of full-time status at their selected college/university or skilled trade program during the life of the scholarship.

All funds will be paid directly to the awardee’s selected college/university or skilled trade program for tuition, room, board, and books during the life of the scholarship, which is a maximum of four consecutive years.

The awardee must be enrolled in an accredited educational institution as a full-time student (at least 12 credit hours) in a program leading to an academic degree (including associate degrees) or a skilled trade program.

NESA will submit payment to the selected college/university or skilled trade program upon receipt of a school/program course schedule verifying the awardee’s full-time status.

For Cooke four-year awardees NESA will submit payment to the selected college/university upon receipt of a course schedule and unofficial transcript verifying the awardee’s full-time status.

Scholarship awards will be paid in installments or as a one-time payment at the discretion of NESA. The awardee must use the scholarship in the academic year awarded. Scholarships may not be deferred.

Awardee will submit a short thank you video report (2 -4 minutes to NESA at the beginning of the school year that shares the importance of the scholarship to your academic success.

NOTE: Scholarships Windows opened in December 2022.

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