December 7, 2023

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay: Apple Pay is accepted on Amazon, but not many merchants have made it available. Here’s how to utilize an Apple Card in the interim!

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay


You can still use cards saved to your Apple Wallet or enter your Apple Card information to make purchases on Amazon even though Apple Pay is not immediately integrated into their checkout mechanism. This is the procedure.

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay

Unlike other online stores, Amazon does not easily incorporate Apple Pay into its checkout process.

You can enter your card information just like you would for any other credit or debit card if you have an Apple Card, though. Finding your Apple Card number and pasting it into the Amazon entry area are the first two steps in this process.

For future checkout possibilities, you can add a card right away to your account. You can also do so after the conclusion of the online checkout procedure.

How to Add your Apple Card on Amazon

1. Launch Amazon on your Mac or PC.

2. In the top toolbar, select “Account & Lists” by clicking the dropdown arrow. This is displayed immediately below a greeting with your name, adjacent to the search function.

3. Select “Your Account.”

4. On the following page, under “Ordering and shopping preferences,” choose “Payment options.”

5. Find “Credit or Debit Cards” by scrolling down.

  • Every major credit card is accepted by Amazon, and you can start inputting a new card by selecting the first entry box.
  • If you have Touch ID and Keychain set up to save credit cards, these choices ought to show up in a dropdown menu.

6. On the checkout screen, you can also add a card by following a nearly identical procedure.


Apple Cash can be transferred to a bank. You can transfer Apple Cash to a bank account if you don’t have an Apple Card. After doing this, you can use your debit card, as usual, to make purchases on Amazon.

Apple Pay, Masterpass, and Visa Checkout are three well-known digital wallets that are supported by Amazon Payment Services. Accepting payments with digital wallets has two major advantages:

Your clients will find it more convenient to pay with a digital wallet. By accepting digital wallets, you can prevent customers from choosing a rival business because you don’t take digital wallet payments.

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Because your consumer does not have to enter their credit card information when they pay, digital wallets lower the danger of fraud.

In conclusion, although it is up to individual sellers to enable the capability, Amazon now accepts digital wallet payments through Apple Pay, Visa Checkout, and Masterpass.

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