February 24, 2024

Disney College Program acceptance rate is here again! Are you curious about your chances of getting into this great opportunity? Join us as we explore the world of Disney College Program admissions and discover the acceptance rate and what it means for prospective participants.

Disney College Program acceptance rate

Disney College Program Acceptance Rate

The Disney College Program is a distinctive and competitive paid internship opportunity. It allows college students, regardless of their major, to gain practical work experience at Disney’s parks and resorts.

This program typically spans 5-7 months and encompasses a range of roles, including entertainment, hospitality, and retail, among others. Disney even provides on-campus housing and transportation services for participating students.

In addition to housing, there are several key factors for students to weigh before pursuing this internship, one of which is the compensation.

The Disney College Program stands out by offering a starting pay of $16 per hour, which exceeds the typical rate for college workers.

This program blends classroom learning with hands-on experience, with daily schedules and work hours varying depending on the assigned role.

Students are placed in one of Disney College Program’s six earning categories, including food and beverage, lodging, retail, operations, recreation, and entertainment. However, the specific role is not chosen by the participant.

Every Disney College Program intern is required to have full availability, which includes working days, nights, weekends, and holidays, with an expected workload of 30-50 hours per week.

During peak seasons such as spring holidays, summertime, and winter holidays, interns may be asked to work more than 50 hours a week.

When not on the job, students can enroll in multi-week, instructor-led classes and individual learning sessions covering a wide array of subjects, from arts to business management.

In return for their hard work, participants enjoy various perks. In addition to the above-average hourly pay, interns gain exclusive insights into Disney’s operations, receive discounts at Disney parks and resorts, and even enjoy complimentary park visits.

Application Requirements and Acceptance Rate

The program receives applications from numerous enthusiastic students annually, resulting in intense competition. Presently, the acceptance rate for the Disney College Program hovers around 20%.

The encouraging part is that students who do not get accepted are encouraged to reapply when the next application cycle begins.

Application Requirements:

1. Students must be currently enrolled and taking classes and have completed at least one semester  Or have graduated within the last year

2. Students must meet any school requirements.

3. You are encouraged to speak to your advisor if applicable

4. Must be at least 18 years of age

5. Possess unrestricted work authorization

6. Former DCP participants may not return to a program sooner than four months before their last departure date.

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