December 8, 2023

Curtin Scholarships are available for both commencing and current Curtin students, these scholarships are more than just financial support, and they can enhance your portfolio of achievements. Don’t miss out on this scholarship, keep reading to get more information.

Curtin Scholarships

Curtin University’s dedication to recognizing academic excellence, advancing research, and helping students from all backgrounds to reach their potential includes the provision of scholarships.

About Curtin Scholarship

Curtin is an innovative, international university known for its high-impact research, solid business relationships, and dedication to educating students for professions of the future,

You’ll encounter top-notch teaching alongside top-notch research at Curtin, which is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide in the prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) 2022.

Scholarship Eligibility

Each scholarship has an information page that will outline the specific eligibility criteria. The criteria may be based on:

  • Academic record (merit)
  • Financial hardship and/or socioeconomic background
  • Citizenship
  • Course, faculty, or interests
  • You can use the scholarship search to find scholarships that meet specific criteria.

Applying for Scholarships

Curtin scholarships use two methods of application, either:

  • Downloading a PDF application form, or
  • Using our simple online application system

Both PDF forms and the online application system can be accessed from the scholarship pages once you have found a scholarship to apply for.

How to Apply

Domestic undergraduate and postgraduate scholarship applications can be submitted online through the application form or downloaded as a PDF and returned. Certain scholarships are offered to students who meet the eligibility requirements without the need for an application process.

to find out how to apply for the scholarship(s) you are interested in, go to the web page for each scholarship and scroll to “Application Procedure”

Applying Online for Future Students

Before using the online application system, you must first register an account if you do not already have a Curtin student ID. You will then need to log in to view the application form after creating your account.

You can go here to make changes to your application at any moment before the closing date if you’d want to do so after you’ve started.

Applying Online for Current Students

The online application system is connected to your Student Oasis if you currently have a Curtin student ID. On the scholarship information website, click the yellow “Apply now” button in the top right corner to submit your application.

Under the ‘My Scholarships’ link in Student Oasis, you can check your submitted and ongoing applications. You may also update applications before the deadline and see the status of the assessments.

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How to Submit Your Application

Your application needs to be completed if you want to be considered for the scholarship. Applications that are not complete will be deemed unsuccessful.

On both the front page of the application form and the scholarship website, the deadline is noted. No applications will be accepted after the deadline has passed, and the deadline cannot be extended.

If you want the Scholarships Office to review your application and supporting materials before the deadline, you must request this in writing and submit your application at least one week in advance of the deadline.

Future Students

An email receipt will be sent to your email once your application has been submitted. Please ensure you use the same email that you have listed through TISC and that you will have access to this email once you leave school.

Current Students

An email receipt will be sent to your student email once your application has been submitted via the online application system.

Supporting Documentation

When applying online, all your supporting documentation must be provided in PDF format with a maximum file size per document of 5 MB.

Save your files in the format family name-document type (e.g. smith-bank statement). Do not use any special characters as this may cause issues when uploading them.

Do not compress your documents (i.e. zip files).

There are many ways you can create a PDF from your text or image files. Here are some ways that may be available:

  • Save as Adobe PDF – select this option from the File > Save menu.
  • Print to PDF – select print then choose pdf as your printer.
  • Use Adobe Acrobat to create PDFs (Adobe Acrobat Reader cannot create PDFs)

Use one of the free PDF creator programs available. A list of these programs is available on Wikipedia. Curtin does not support or endorse any specific PDF software.

Status of your Application

If you applied online, you can view the status of your application as it progresses through the assessment process.

Future students

Log in to your Curtin account

Current students

Go to your Student OASIS > My Studies > My Scholarships Applications

Editing a Submitted Application

Check below how to edit an application as a future or current student:

Future Students

If you submitted your application via the online form, you will be able to log into the Curtin account

Also, if you have applied for multiple scholarships, each scholarship application will need to be edited and resubmitted separately.

If you do not resubmit your application by the deadline, your application will be deemed not submitted and will not be assessed.

Current Students

You can edit your application in ‘My Scholarships’ at any time before the submission deadline. Editing your scholarship will withdraw it from the application system and will need to be resubmitted after you have made your changes.

You can find your application in OASIS > My Studies > My Scholarships Applications

If you have applied for multiple scholarships, each application can be edited and resubmitted separately.

If you do not resubmit your application by the deadline, your application will be deemed not submitted and will not be assessed.

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Tips for Preparing Your Scholarship Application

1. Get your application in early

2. Check over the application before submitting it

3. Apply for as many scholarships you are eligible for as possible

4. Ask questions; don’t just guess

5. Research your scholarship provider

6. Get advice about preparing your resume

7. Take time to complete your application

8. Include as much information as possible

9. Preparing for Interviews

Apply for the Scholarship website

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