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CRS NECO Questions and Answers

The National Examinations Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January, respectively.

CRS NECO Questions and Answers


Paper 3 will last for 1 hour. Attempt all questions from this section.  Also, answer Paper 1 on your objective test answer sheet,

NOTE: Use HB pencil throughout.

These questions are strictly for practice. The 2024 NECO CRS expo will be posted on this page on the day of the NECO Christian Religious Studies examination. Keep checking and reloading this page for the answers.

1. Pharaoh’s fear of the growth and might of Israel made him to

A) drive the Israelites out of Egypt

B) afflict the Israelites with a heavy burden

C) drown Israelites’ babies in the Nile

D) punish the Israelites with starvation

ANSWER: A) drive the Israelites out of Egypt


2. Where did the Lord appear to Solomon in a dream?

A. Horeb

B. Gibeon

C. Gath

D. Jericho

ANSWER: B (Gibeon)


3. The division of David’s kingdom was a direct consequence of

A. Absalom’s revolt

B. Jeroboam’s revolt

C. Solomon’s forced labor

D. Rehoboam’s unwise decision

ANSWER: D (Rehoboam’s unwise decision)


4. Amos told the Israelites that they have turned justice into

A. injustices

B. poison

C. wormwood

D. anguish

ANSWER: C (wormwood)


5. And he said, “Cast it on the ground”, This instruction was meant to

A) convince Pharaoh to harden his heart

B) showcase God’s mighty power

C) rescue the Jews from bondage

D) Change the snake into a rod

ANSWER: D (change the snake into a rod)


6. The discovery of pomegranates and figs at Eschol gave the Spies sent by Moses

A) strength

B) hope

C) disappointment

D) fear

ANSWER: B (hope)

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7. Joshua was chosen to succeed Moses because

A) Moses was very old

B) had now rejected Moses

C) Moses was asked for a successor

D) God’s spirit was with Joshua

ANSWER: A (Moses was very old)


A) predicted the fall of Jabin

B) rescued Israel by killing Sisera

C) prophesied that a woman would kill Sisera

D) fought to free Israel from Canaanite domination


9. In his preparation for the battle against Sisera, Barak chose his troops from the tribe of

A) Judah and Issachar

B) Zebulun and Naphtali

C) Dan and Benjamin

D) Gad and Asther


10.“Yet his sons did not walk in his ways but turned aside ajier gains” The “sons” were

A) Jonathan and Abinadab

B) Hophni and Phinehas

C) Joab and Asahel

D) Joel and Abijah


11. David said at Ziph that Saul would one day die by one of the following means except

A) Being smitten by God

B) dying a natural death

C) perishing in a battle

D) taking his own life


12. The people of Jabesh Gilead honored Saul by

A) protecting his family from destruction

B) fighting in the Gilboa war

C) paying all their tributes regularly

D) giving him a fitting burial


13. Solomon’s treaty with Hiram, King of Tyre was meant to

A) protect Israel when at war

B) Build Pithan and store cities

C) help build the temple

D) help establish trade links

DISCLAIMER! These are not real CRS NECO Questions and Answers but likely repeated questions over the years to help candidates understand the nature of their examinations. Ensure to take note of every question provided on this page.

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