Chegg scholarships: Chegg’s top objective is to assist students in succeeding academically and financially after graduation. Scholarships abound, making it easier than ever for students to pay for their higher education.

Chegg Scholarships

The search for scholarships that a specific student is eligible for is comparable to looking for a needle in a haystack.

Chegg sees a chance to lighten the load on students and perhaps raise the possibility of getting financial aid.

Scholarship Problems

For students wishing to pay for their higher education, there are many scholarships available.

To mention a few, there are scholarships offered for people of particular racial or ethnic backgrounds, genders, ages, first-generation college students, particular hobbies, and GPA as well as any combination of those factors. The list is practically endless.

But sometimes, that abundance might be too much. If you’re a student seeking financial aid, you’d want to be sure you’ve taken advantage of all your options.

However, it is impossible to tell if you have applied for all of the opportunities for which you are eligible.

If you think about it, it’s really intimidating. The time and energy it takes to scour the internet or any resource for that matter just to find these opportunities are exhausting, let alone the effort involved in following through and applying for them.

Chegg Scholarship Solution

Chegg wants to help students with one aspect of the equation. Imagine how much stress could be saved for students if they were given a list of the scholarships for which they most likely qualify and only had to worry about filling out the applications. To aid with that, we collaborated with Chegg.

Chegg already offered a resource for students to look for scholarships, but it was aware that it might be improved.

Instead of a passive, standard search experience, they wished to design a student-specific experience whereby scholarships would be purposefully matched with individuals.

They started by conducting a competitive analysis and closely examining Chegg’s current offering to determine what worked and what did not.

List of Chegg Scholarship

1. $1,000 A Portrait of You Monthly Scholarship

Application Deadline: Oct 31, 2023

Max. Amount: $1,000

Who can Apply

1. Applicants must be U.S. citizens who are high school or college students at least 13 years of age or older. There is no essay or GPA requirement for this award.

2. The scholarship may be used at any college or university to study any subject area / major.


To support students pursuing post-secondary education.

Applications are available online.

Scholarship Website

2. $1,000 All-Star Verified Scholarship

This is a merit-based scholarship and financial need is not considered. We designed this scholarship to help students pay for college and it may be used to pay for tuition or any related fees such as room and board. The first prize is $1,000.

Who Can Apply: This scholarship is open to high school, college, graduate, or adult students and parents of high school and college students.

Selection Criteria

To apply for this scholarship you must complete the online application below. The main selection criteria are your answer to the question: “What is the best or worst part about finding or applying to scholarships?”

There are no right or wrong answers! Feel free to address just one “best” or “worst” part about any aspect of scholarships.

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Scholarship Deadline

  • Summer: May 1 – August 31
  • Fall: September 1 – December 31
  • Winter: January 1 – April 30

Note to 9th – 11th Graders and Parents: If you win our scholarship as a 9th -11th grader, we will hold your scholarship until you are a senior.

If you are a parent, you are welcome to apply but you must be the parent or legal guardian of a current college-bound high school or college student.

Click Here to Apply

3. $1,000 GK Tanabe Student Scholarship

The Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship is a merit-based program that helps students fulfill their dreams of higher education.

The scholarship is named for Gen and Kelly Tanabe, best-selling authors on education, whose generous donations fund this program.

Scholarship Eligibility

9th-12th grade high school, college, or graduate students including adult students.

Legal resident of the U.S.

Currently in school or planning to attend college or graduate school.

Scholarship Selection and Award

Winners are chosen by a committee, which bases its decision primarily on the submitted personal statement. The first-place award is a $1,000 scholarship.

The award can be used for undergraduate or graduate school tuition, room and board, required fees or any educational expense.

How to Apply for the Scholarship

Calling all high school, college, and graduate students, let us help you get the money you need for college.

The Gen and Kelly Tanabe Scholarship is a merit-based program that helps students fulfill their dreams of higher education.

The scholarship is named for Gen and Kelly Tanabe, best-selling authors on education, whose generous donations fund this program.

Click Here to Apply

Scholarship Application Form for Fall 2024 Deadline:  August 1 – December 31

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