February 22, 2024

Carson Northern Territory Medical Scholarship aids in empowering your academic and professional ambitions by reducing financial obstacles. Receiving a scholarship eliminates all of your financial worries. As a result, you have more time to study, learn, and earn higher marks.

Carson Northern Territory Medical Scholarship

Receiving a scholarship is an honor. Since scholarships are awarded based on merit, receiving one will have a beneficial impact on potential employers.

Some highly sought-after scholarships are so exceptional that you can put them under accomplishments on your resume. Throughout your job search, stand out from the crowd.

You should look for colleges and universities that give scholarships because they have become so crucial to the majority of students.

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Carson Northern Territory Medical Program Scholarship

This scholarship’s objective is to assist students enrolled in the Northern Territory Medical Program financially.

The Carson Family donated money to support the scholarship.


Each scholarship will be worth $5,000 per year, given out in equal payments following each semester’s census date. For the time that the money is in place, there will be one scholarship offered each year.

One year is the duration. The scholarship will be given out following each semester’s census date in two equal payments.

Scholarship value: $5,000 per annum

Scholarship duration: 1 year

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

1. Be enrolled in the second or third year of the Northern Territory Medical Program at Flinders University; and

2. Be able to demonstrate consistent professional behavior and a commitment to working in the Northern Territory.

3. Leave will be permitted for the second semester of this scholarship, for a maximum of one semester only.

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Selection Criteria

The scholarship will be given based on the applicant’s commitment to working in the Northern Territory and their record of consistent, professional behavior. Financially challenged students may receive preference.

Successful candidates may reapply in consecutive years, however, students who have not previously received this award may be given preference.

A panel that includes members from the colleges of medicine and public health will make the decision.

Application Information

With the Flinders University Student System, applications must be filed online. To submit an application, applicants must log in and go to the My Scholarships tab.

The Carson NTMP Scholarship application form must be downloaded and filled out by applicants as part of the submission process.

The application process requires that the full form be submitted online.

The application was opened on the 18th of January 2024 and is currently closed. Keep checking on this page for subsequent updates.

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