Can You Return Gift Cards? Do you have gift cards that you feel are unwanted and you wish to return them in exchange for money or something else? Keep reading this article to discover certain tips you can use to return or exchange gift cards for cash. 

Can You Return Gift Cards

You may have obtained gift cards in a number of ways. There’s a greater chance that there are one or more gift cards among the gifts that you have received either for Christmas, your birthday, or other gifts this year.

Gift cards are a great addition to you especially when you can use them. But what happens when you can’t use your gift cards and you want to return them? 

This article will give you the tips and tricks you need in order to return your gift cards either for money or something else. Keep reading! 

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Can You Return Gift Cards? 

Gift cards are generally not returnable. Once they are purchased, all sales are considered final.

Stores that allow you to return gift cards will require a receipt and will usually only refund the amount back to the original payment method, which is typically the credit or debit card used to purchase the gift card.

To answer that underlying question, the answer is No. However, they are workarounds on how you can return the gift cards and get money in exchange 

How to Return Gift Cards and Get a Refund

You cannot return gift cards as we stated earlier, but there are ways we will expose you to, and help you get a refund. 

Tip One

You will have to contact the vendor who issued the gift card because policies differ from place to place and each retailer has its own.

It has been understood that you can’t return gift cards, however, some vendors will allow the return of gift cards within a specified short period of time after it was purchased or issued as long as you have the receipt and haven’t used it. 

So if you have the receipt of your gift card, head to the vendor and request a refund. Some might only give you a percentage of the gift card’s value. Some retailers will only give you store credit to use for future purchases

Retailers in certain states are required by law to refund the balance owing on a gift card if it is below a certain amount ($10-$1).

Another way they can allow you to return gift cards is by giving you in-store credit. This works well if your gift card’s expiry date is approaching.  

Bonus Trick

Go to the store where you got the gift card from, purchase an item that would fulfill the gift card, and then, later, return the item for a refund.

They may want to refund with yet another gift card, you can easily request cash instead.

Tip Two

Exchange sites exist on the internet. You must verify and be sure that it is a valid gift card exchange site. These allow for cards to be traded.

This will involve internet research but double check on the validity and authenticity of the site, its practice, and its place. 

Tip Three 

Another way they can allow you to return gift cards is by giving you in-store credit. This works well if your gift card’s expiry date is approaching.

Tip Four

A gift card exchange kiosk is just like an automated teller machine that lets you exchange your gift cards for cash. So you can use it to exchange your cards for cash. 

To exchange your  gift card, the usage of the gift card exchange kiosk, you have to enter your gift card salient details into the system, receive what it affords you for your gift card if it is okay through you, print the voucher, and take it to a cashier in the keep to change it for cash

Can You Return Target Gift Cards

You cannot return gift cards to Target; their return policy does not allow the return or refund of gift cards unless stated by law.

If the refund is supported by law in the United States, the gift card holder must provide a receipt to verify it for a refund.

This includes Target GiftCards, Specialty gift cards, and prepaid gift cards. The benefit of a Target gift card is that card funds do not expire. 

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