The BONFire Ambassador Program is currently open and currently offering opportunities to anyone who is tech-savvy, blockchain inclined, and willing to work from home.


BONFire Ambassador

BONFire is a relatively new project that hasn’t been launched yet but is in search of capable individuals who can add value to their team.

For the reason mentioned above, this article aims to bring you the hottest and latest crypto jobs 2022 aimed at helping you gain experience on blockchains while working from the comfort of your home.

BONFire Ambassador Program

BONFire still in development is a credit stablecoin protocol based on Ethereum.
The BONFire DAO uses $DUSD to buy assets like BTC, ETH from people and uses these assets to capture value to ensure the stability of $DUSD, thus building a credit stablecoin protocol that is fully governed by DAO.

BONFire is composed of three main carriers: $WOOD, $BON, and $DUSD, which are gradually increasing value levers.


WOOD is a private Layer 2 point asset managed with a private key signature. WOOD is used to measure and evaluate a user’s community contribution and there is no gas fee to use WOOD.

BONFire releases WOOD through people’s behavior on the chain, interaction with BONFire, activity in the BONFire community, and other contributions.


$BON is the underlying asset that drives the entire BONFire protocol. $BON is deployed on the Ethereum main net and a gas fee is required to use $BON.

BON is the GAS and decision-making power of BONFire. Of course, in order to ensure stable growth, it will appropriately continue to absorb some value from the DUSD network.


$DUSD is a truly usable decentralized credit-stablecoin that is used by BONFire DAO to buy assets like BTC, ETH from people. It uses these assets to capture value to ensure the stability of DUSD, thus building a credit stablecoin protocol that is fully governed by DAO.

We could understand it as a stable currency issued by the Federal Reserve in a parallel world, but it only supports the exchange of crypto assets for this stable currency.

BONFire ensures 1:1 anchoring of $DUSD to $USD at this stage by controlling minting costs, expanding liquidity scenarios, ongoing external value plunder, and good liquidity.

We could also understand it as a bond with an acceptance window. When you pay BTC (WBTC), ETH, or other crypto assets listed as reserve assets, the BONFire protocol will pay you $DUSD based on the value of these assets.

More Information

BONFire brings self-driven, active incentive and crypto money through WOOD & smart contracts, $BON, $DUSD respectively.

Accordingly, crypto money is responsible for stable availability only; self-drivenness is achieved through a sustainable contribution value assessment mechanism, and active incentives are achieved through $BON that can draw value from the ecosystem.

BONFire Job Vacancies

We’re in search of crypto-minded individuals to help the team promote media content, grow and engage with the community, and maintain BONFire’s brand image.

Below is the detailed list of positions and roles available:

  • community ambassadors (must be fluent in English)
  • Telegram community ambassadors (Must be fluent in English)

Stay tuned as the team will be expanded when the project kicks off and more social media outlets will also be created.

BONFire Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Create and create engaging community discussions, and answer inquiries regarding BONFire
  • Promote BONFire related publications and information about upcoming events on our social media platforms.
  • Assist in increasing the size of the community.
  • Translate and publish BONFire news and articles.
  • Assist in the planning of activities for example AMAs, Being a guide on events, etc


Requirements to become a BONFire Ambassador

  • Have prior experience with digital assets.
  • You’re familiar with BONFire’s development approach and can actively participate in official community promotions.
  • Must have prior community management experience.
  • Experience with Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and any other social media network for the purpose of engagement/moderation
  • Video Editing, image editing, and meme creation skills
  • Ability to engage with people of the community in a clear and professional manner on a daily basis.

Please submit your application if you match the aforementioned conditions.

Benefits and Salary

Direct access to the BONFire management team and the opportunity to gain from their experience and guidance.

An exclusive career path that allows you to swiftly gain blockchain job experience

Rewards exclusive to BONFire.

How to apply

Application Opening: 23rd December 2021

Application Closing: Not Specified

Become a part of the BONFire team by clicking and filling the form below

BONFire form

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