Are you in search of the best countries for Nigerian students to study and work in? Then you’re in luck as this article was specially prepared with you in mind.

Best Countries For Nigerian Students

Best Countries For Nigerian Students

Because of the limited number of quality schools in Nigeria, students have always opted to complete their education outside the country, be it undergraduate studies, master’s degree, or Ph.D..

Whatever the case is, this article will bring you all the information you need to achieve your dream of choosing at least one of the best countries for Nigerian students to study and work in.

But before we delve into the best countries for Nigerian students to study and work, let’s quickly see the reasons a student may want to study outside his homeland. This we will explore soon.

Reasons That Nigerians Study Abroad

  • Naturally, Nigerians are very adventurous people and with a population of over 180 million for such a small landmass, it’s only natural that they seek greener pastures elsewhere.
  • Apart from the fact that Nigerians are adventurous and love to travel, Nigerians appreciate education so much that wherever they are, they are always on top.
  • It also easily allows them to get hands-on experience, as these countries permit their international students to work while studying.
  • They are born natural leaders and can thrive anywhere they find themselves.
  • Another reason Nigerians love to travel to another country to study is to experience a different culture, learn a new language and accumulate experiences that otherwise would not have been possible to grab at home.


Best Countries for Nigerian Students To Study and Work 2023

Some attributes make some countries better off than others in terms of immigration laws, student work permits, and scholarship offers.

In no particular order, we bring you a list of 9 best countries for Nigerian students to study and work in.

Kindly read further to know the best destination for you to further your studies.

9. France | Best Countries For Nigerian Students

Best Countries For Nigerian Students

France is a country in Europe that offers a multicultural study experience with its friendly locals who are ever welcoming of foreigners down to their developed cities that offer exquisite and developed structures.

It has such a dynamic social life that they do not bore students as even the smallest towns are full of fun activities for students.

They also offer several scholarships and cheap options for international students who have a tight budget.

In 2021, France received an average rating of 8.3 out of 10 for international students’ satisfaction running a program in one of their Universities.

Benefits of Studying In France for International Students

1. You get to make new friends from other cultures easily

2. Your french gets better than most of the locals converse in French

3. Their cities are a great sight to behold

4. Opportunities for fun student activities

5. Proximity to other European countries, which is fun for exploration

Good weather

8. Hungary | Best Countries For Nigerian Students

Best Countries For Nigerian Students

Hungary is a suitable country for Nigerians particularly, those in the medical field to study at owing to its low tuition, affordable cost of living, and a diverse culture that welcomes foreigners.

it has become a destination of some sort for African Students, particularly Nigerians.

Advantages of Studying in Hungary

  • Offers high-quality education at affordable tuition fees.
  • Hungary is not just modern, it’s also a very safe country
  • It has the lowest cost of living in Europe.
  • Hungary is a diverse, multicultural nation that offers lots of fun experiences for foreign students.

7. Germany | Best Countries For Nigerian Students

Best Countries For Nigerian Students

Germany is one of the best European countries to study as a Nigerian with so many benefits. They widely speak the language among the European Union, plus their economy is strong, which makes for a nice working experience while schooling.

Benefits of Studying in Germany for International Students

There are many reasons and benefits to studying Germany. They include:

  • Students are allowed to work while studying
  • Their University’s offer low to zero tuition fees
  • They have a good economy which encourages students to stay back after studies
  • Affordable cost of living
  • You don’t need to know German as their syllabus are taught in English
  • Germany is also culturally rich with exciting landscapes and historical sites like the Roman ruins, Gothic cathedrals, and Renaissance castles and palaces.
  • A wide range of courses to choose from

6. Saudi Arabia | Best Countries For Nigerian Students

Best Countries For Nigerian Students

Saudi Arabia has made some frantic efforts over the last couple of years to build its standard of education to a level that is internationally recognized.

At the moment, they ranked four of their Universities top in the list of 250 best global universities.

They are a very welcoming culture and you will love your stay there because chances are you will get to meet someone from your culture and get to network with people from diverse cultures

Benefits of Studying In Saudi Arabia for International Students

  • They widely recognized their certificate as they have some of the best-ranked universities, especially in STEM subjects
  • You can locate some of the world’s beautiful sites and locations like the Red Sea or Dubai in a matter of hours from Saudi Arabia
  • You will get to meet people from other cultures as they’re a multi-cultured environment
  • They offer a lot of scholarships
  • They can extend your visa for more work or studies
  • You are allowed to work and study
  • Low cost of living
  • Their Shawarma is to die for

5. Sweden | Best Countries For Nigerian Students

Best Countries For Nigerian Students
Old Town of Stockholm

Although Sweden has been overlooked for far too long, it has recently come to the limelight because of the ranking of some of its fine Universities to the list of the best in the world.

It also offers enormous opportunities to students who can’t afford to sponsor their education via scholarships for all degree types.

Are you looking to study in one of Scandinavia’s most influential countries, then Sweden is where you should consider.

Benefits of Studying in Sweden for International Students

  • A degree from their top ranking University like Uppsala university will be a huge boost to your CV
  • They have a rich culture that allows students from diverse backgrounds to interact together
  • They are well adept with English as their second language and any foreigner who knows English can adapt easily
  • A lot of natural scenes to explore and carry out fun activities like skiing, hiking, fishing, camping, ice skating, and other fun activities
  • They have a rich history from the Vikings to Abba, with a lot of museums and historical sites
  • They practice at work/play a balanced life that helps them to see the world from a non-materialistic perspective

4. Canada | Best Countries For Nigerian Students

Canada is one of the top destinations for most Africans owing to its migration laws, cheap masters degree, and work-study migration path available to students. It is a safe country in North America that is multicultured with a strong economy and a sound educational system.

Benefits of Studying in Canada For International Students

  • Quality and Internationally recognized Degrees
  • Affordable cost of schooling and living
  • Job opportunities and visa extension
  • Tech-Friendly country

3. The United States | Best Countries For Nigerian Students

The United States of America has some of the best schools in the world, with quality education and tons of extra-curricular activities. They also offer some of the best scholarships destinations for Nigerian students.

Benefits of Studying in the U.S for International Students

  • US Degrees have an excellent global reputation
  • US Universities are multi-cultured environments
  • Allows for industrial placement during and after studies to boost experience and CV
  • You can extend your stay and work/ live permanently in the US
  • Offer flexible academic environment like virtual classes that can be downloaded or exams that can be taken at leisure
  • They are home to several scholarships

2. Australia | Best Countries For Nigerian Students

Is one location Nigerian students always go to study as it offers a lot of benefits, including scholarships.

It has some of the best Universities in the world, with eight of them making it into the top 100 best Universities in the world.

Australia is a country that has been blessed with good scenery, such as wildlife, beaches, natural attractions, and vibrant people.

Benefits Of Studying In Australia

  • They major in a lot of degrees
  • Breath-taking sceneries with lots of outdoor games like Bushwalking, surfing, or kayaking
  • Cultural diversity
  • Students’ Visas are easy to get
  • Wildlife with lots of parks to have a close encounter with Crocodiles, hyenas, Lions, and more
  • Australians speak great English, so it’s easy for Nigerian students
  • Exciting opportunities to stay and work after graduation with options to extend the visa should you meet the requirement

1. The United Kingdom | Best Countries For Nigerian Students

With more intensive and shorter courses, the UK aims to shorten the time it takes for one to graduate from its colleges.

It does this without compromising quality.

The UK is also a desired location to study for international students because of a lot of factors that we will explore below.

Why study in the UK for International Students

We will explore the top reasons to study in the UK, see the reasons below:

  • They recognized their degrees worldwide
  • The cost of education is cheaper compared to the US
  • There are a plethora of work opportunities for international students
  • They are home to a lot of scholarships and loan
  • They are a multicultural nation
  • They are also very religious and tolerant

Sometimes, studying away from home comes with many perks that can make you forget about the stress you had to pass through to bag the degree or the scholarship.

If it has always been your dream as a Nigerian to migrate abroad for studies, then this list of the best countries for Nigerian students to study and work in is the best place you will have all the quality information you need.

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