February 24, 2024

Animal Husbandry NECO Questions and Answers are available online now, so if you are a candidate who is in search of 2024 NECO Animal Husbandry Questions you are at the right place. We are here to guide you, Just read on!

Animal Husbandry NECO Questions and Answers

The National Examinations Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January, respectively.

Animal Husbandry NECO Questions and Answers

  • Scheme of Work/Examination

There will be three papers, Papers 1, 2, and 3, all of which must be taken. Papers 1 and 2 will be composite papers to be taken in one sitting. We recommend that you use the Neco scheme below for maximum preparation.

Neco Animal Husbandry Questions Paper 1: Will consist of fifty multiple-choice objective questions all of which must be answered within 1 hour for 50 marks.

Neco Animal Husbandry Questions Paper 2: This will consist of six essay-type questions. Candidates will be required to answer four questions within 2 hours for 80 marks.

Neco Animal Husbandry Questions Paper 3: Will be a practical paper for school candidates or a test of practical paper for private candidates. The paper will consist of four questions all of which must be answered within 2 hours for 60 marks.

Animal Husbandry PAPER I

Paper 1 will last for 1 hour. Attempt all questions from this section. Also, answer Paper 1 on your objective test answer sheet,

N/B: Use HB pencil throughout.

1. Which of the following products could be obtained from pigs?




A. I and II only

B. I and III only

C. II and III only

D. I, II, and III


2. Which of the following farm animal is not a ruminant?

A. Cattle

B. Sheep

C. Goat

D. Rabbit


3. Male reproductive hormones include

A. oxytocin.

B. oestrogen.

C. relaxin.

D. testosterone.


4. Which of the following organs is associated with excretion in farm animals?

A. Pancreas

B. Small intestine

C. Kidney

D. Oesophagus


5. The period from conception to parturition in livestock is known as

A. lactation.

B. fertilization.

C. ovulation.

D. gestation.


6. Microbes in the rumen of farm animals are able to manufacture

A. vitamin A.

B. vitamin B.

C. vitamin D.

D. vitamin E.

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7. Mange is caused by

A. fleas.

B. lice.

C. mites.

D. ticks.


9. Which of the following animal products is used in the production of buttons?

A. Bone

B. Hoof

C. Horn

D. Skin


10. Parturition in sows is known as

A. calving.

B. farrowing.

C. kindling.

D. lambing.


11. Which of the following types of chicken requires the highest percentage of protein in its diet?

A. Grower

B. Layer

C. Breeder hen

D. Broiler hen


12. The average gestation period of a cow is

A. 114 days.

B. 145 days.

C. 210 days.

D. 280 days.


13. The end product of herbage fermentation in the rumen of a cow is

A. glucose.

B. glycerol.

C. amino acids.

D. volatile fatty acids.


14. A lamb with a fractured bone would require a feed containing more

A. calcium.

B. carbohydrate.

C. iodine.

D. iron.


15. Which of the following parasites possesses hooks?

A. Lice

B. Tick

C. Liver fluke

D. Tapeworm


16. One effect of heat stress on farm animals is

A. reduced water intake.

B. increased feed intake.

C. occurrence of abortion.

D. occurrence of oestrus.

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Animal Husbandry PAPER II

Paper 2 will last for 1 hour. Attempt two questions from this section. Paper 2  will be answered on your Essay test answer sheet,

1. (a) List three organs associated with each of the following body systems:




(b)Explain briefly the major function of each system named in (1) (a) above

(c)Discuss Newcastle disease of poultry under the following headings:

(i)causative agent;

(ii)two symptoms;

(iii)two preventive measures.


2. (a) Mention six ways in which farm animals are important to the economy of West Africa.

(b)(i) State two classes of farm animals.

(ii)Give three examples of animals in each class stated in (b) (i) above

(c)Outline the process of egg formation in a hen.


3. (a) Mention seven industrial raw materials that could be obtained from farm animals.

(b)State seven ways of caring for a pregnant cow

(c)Define the following terms as used in animal husbandry:

(i)steaming up;



Animal Husbandry PAPER III

Paper 3 will last for 1 hour. Attempt all questions from this section


1. List of specimens

Specimen A – Electric bulb

Specimen B – Sawdust

(a)Identify each of specimens A and B.[2 marks]

(b) State two main purposes for which specimen A is used in a broader house.[2 marks]

(c) Name two other pieces of equipment that could be used as substitutes for specimen A.[4 marks]

(d) Explain two disadvantages of the use of specimen B as litter material.[4 marks]



1. figure 1 below is an illustration of an endoparasite of farm animals.

Study it carefully and answer the questions that follow.

(a) Identify the parasite illustrated above. [1 mark]

(b) State two characteristics of the parasite [2 marks]

(c) (i) Name two farm animals that could be infected by the parasite.

(ii) State five effects of the parasite on its host. [7 marks]

(d) State three ways of controlling the parasite. [3 marks]

DISCLAIMER! These are not real Animal Husbandry NECO Questions and Answers but likely repeated questions over the years to help candidates understand the nature of their examinations. Ensure to take note of every question provided on this page.

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