AIMS Master Scholarship delivers a world-class Master’s in Mathematical Sciences to students recruited from across the African continent. Each AIMS center offers a rigorous, ten-month Master’s degree program with courses offered by renowned international visiting speakers. Read on for more information.

AIMS Master Scholarship

Three semesters make up the AIMS Structured Master’s Program.

The AIMS course’s phase on prerequisite skills develops a set of fundamental problem-solving abilities, including estimating, calculation, approximation, modeling, data analysis, and statistics.

Students can put these abilities to use in some of the most fascinating scientific fields during the elective review phase.

Students conduct a research project and produce a scientific report on a topic of their choice as part of the AIMS course’s final phase.

This work is done under the guidance of an experienced researcher. After AIMS, the research conducted in these projects frequently leads to other postgraduate research programs.

AIMS Master Scholarship

The ultimate purpose of the AIMS Master’s in Mathematical Sciences is to educate well-rounded scientists with exceptional problem-solving skills, capable of creative thinking and scalable innovation.

The curriculum equips students with both a solid foundation in math and computational research techniques and a thorough understanding of contemporary sciences.

Students can choose their future area of specialization after taking courses that expose them to a variety of subjects.

Their Approach

The complete cost of AIMS tuition, books, and accommodation is covered by a substantial scholarship.

Because AIMS is a residential program, teachers and students can interact more often than they can at a traditional institution.

Students study two disciplines for three weeks each, with morning lectures followed by afternoon sessions for problem-solving and computing.

The nights are when extra tutorials and special lectures are offered, and this is also when students typically finish their homework.

The courses are extensive in scope and use the most up-to-date pedagogical techniques to foster critical and creative thinking. They also feature great visiting speakers from renowned universities and laboratories throughout the world.

To facilitate student participation and follow-up, each center offers a Tutoring Fellowship, which permits Postdoc and doctorate researchers to work as dedicated teaching assistants, providing capacity building for the students 24/7.

The institute’s unique residential character allows for optimum interaction between students, lecturers, and tutors in a harmonious environment at all hours.

The Program Benefits

1. Renowned lecturers from Africa and worldwide, supported by a team of resident tutors.

2. Students and lecturers live on campus to encourage a 24-hour learning environment.

3. Group work and highly interactive learning setting.

4. Emphasis on programming and Data Science with 24/7 access to computer labs and high-speed internet.

5. A diverse student body from across Africa.

6. Candidates are highly employable and quickly join higher learning institutions upon graduation


Full or partial scholarships will be awarded to all accepted students. Applicants who are selected may apply for bursaries covering tuition and accommodation costs.

AIMS strongly encourages those selected to secure support for their airfare from their families, governments, or charitable institutions.

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Application Documents

Applicants must hold or expect to obtain by the date of commencement of AIMS training a 4-year university degree in mathematics or any other science/engineering discipline with a significant mathematics component.

Candidate records must demonstrate strong mathematics, leadership, and community service skills.

Women are strongly encouraged to apply. Open to all African Countries

Application deadline: 31 March 2024

Apply Here

Apply for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at AIMS

To become a Mastercard Foundation Scholar at AIMS, apply for either the Structured Master’s or the Co-operative (Co-op) Education programs leading to the AIMS Masters in Mathematical Sciences.

Admitted students will be considered for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program.

  • Apply for the AIMS Structured Master’s in Mathematical Sciences
  • Apply for the AIMS Co-operative (Co-op) Education program (Masters in Mathematical Sciences)

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