Add Words to iPhone Dictionary: Do you have those special words you choose to use but you don’t know how to add them to your dictionary in order for them to appear as part of your word prediction? Or you have your special choice of words you want to use but auto-correct sometimes disturbs you. 

Add Words to Iphone Dictionary

It is simple to do that on your iPhone. Don’t know how? If you learn how to add commonly used words to the auto-correct dictionary of the device, you won’t have this annoying problem anymore. Just keep reading!

Apparently, we all know the frustration you encounter when your iPhone rejects or refuses to recognize that the word you’re trying to spell out is actually how you want the word to appear and not how the phone detects it for you.

Fortunately, Apple recognizes this and there is a solution given to iphone users. If you’re constantly baffled or uncomfortable by your iPhone always “correcting” you when typing even though that word is something meaningful to you.

Text Replacement feature is a way to manually add any commonly-used words to your iPhone’s dictionary.

It is very easy to add words to your iPhone dictionary so your iPhone can automatically recognize those words when you type. Here are very easy steps you can undertake to add words to your iPhone’s dictionary;

3 Steps on How to Add Words to Iphone Dictionary

Below are the steps on how to add words to Iphone dictionary:

Step 1: Through Text Replacement

This is very easy to undertake to both new and old iPhone users. Here are the simple steps:

  • Open your iPhone’s Settings app.
  • Scroll down to and tap “General.”
  • Open “Keyboards.”
  • Tap “Text Replacement,” then the “+” sign in the top right corner.
  • Type the desired word you wish to add..
  • Now your iphone can recognize the word and won’t try to do auto correct on it.


Step 2: Use Bubble

Step two is regarded as being easy and quick for users who wouldn’t want to go through protocols. Here are the steps;

  • Type the word in any app, then press the “Spacebar“. The word gets auto-corrected as expected.
  • Press “Backspace” and a bubble will appear above the word containing the auto-corrected word. The bubble contains the word or words you intended to type before it was autocorrected. Tap the one that matches your word
  • The word is now added to the IOS internal keyboard dictionary. You’ll never have to correct the word again.

Step 3: Use Shortcuts

Using shortcut enables you to add words in bulk… Then you can start using it..

Open “Settings“.

Select “Keyboard“.

Scroll to the bottom and select “Add New Shortcut…“. In most iPhone you might see the “±” sign.. Select it

Type the word you wish to add in both the “Phrase” and “Shortcut” fields, and you might just type in the phrase field only, the other shortcut sometimes appear “optional”. Whichever one you like both works perfectly.

When you are done auto-correct won’t bother that word again.

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