ACE Scholarship: If the ACE Scholarship is your interest, then the LaGuardia Foundation ACE Scholarship will interest you and this article will guide you with the details and information about this scholarship.

ACE Scholarship

About ACE Scholarship 

Scholarships are available from the LaGuardia Foundation to eligible students enrolled in the Division of Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) who may be experiencing financial difficulties that interfere with their education and training.

To support you in pursuing your academic and professional objectives, the ACE Scholarship offers a portion of financial aid for tuition. 

Eligibility of the ACE Scholarship 

  • Reside in the tri-state area
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • As long as you don’t go over the annual or lifetime cap amount, you are permitted to accept more than one ACE Scholarship per year. 

Eligible Programs & Courses 

1. Cyber Security Specialist course

2. Data Analytics and Data Science Program

3. Paramedic Program

4. Plumbing 1 Training Program

5. Predictive Analytics: Machine Learning (Advanced) course

6. High School Equivalency

7. The English Language Center

8. Computer and Network Service Technician Certificate Program 

ACE Scholarship Award Amounts 

80% of the course fees are covered by the Scholarship grant. The remaining 20% is your responsibility.

Selection Standards You must provide evidence of the following when submitting your application: 

1. Academic Merit

2. Likelihood of success in the course

3. Commitment to coursework

4. Personal statement

5. Financial Need

6. Financial disclosure statement 

How to Apply for the ACE Scholarship 

To apply to your program of interest, visit your program of interest or send an email to these sites below:

Data Analytics & Data Science Program – [email protected]

Paramedic Program – [email protected]

Plumbing Level 1 – [email protected]

Predictive Analytics: Machine Learning (Advanced) course – [email protected] 

The English Language Center – [email protected]

High School Equivalency – [email protected]

Computer and Network Service Technician Certificate Program – [email protected]

Cyber Security Specialist course – [email protected] 

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Recipients Responsibilities

If you receive an this Scholarship, you must fulfill the following obligations:

1. Creating a letter of gratitude for our kind donors.

2. Complete a LaGuardia model release form and send in a photo of yourself.

3. Periodically update staff on educational and professional success with your ACE program.

Disbursement of the ACE Scholarship 

If granted, the Scholarship money will be paid directly toward the remaining amount of your course tuition.

All of our contributions are truly appreciated for contributing to improving the lives of our students, says the Division of Adult and Continuing Education at LaGuardia.

Visit to learn more about the Scholarship and how you can contribute.

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