December 2, 2023

Best moving companies in Memphis: Moving may be a taxing undertaking, dampening the exhilaration of shifting to a new location. Heavy items and cherished jewels can be difficult to carry and may be damaged or lost during personal relocation.

Best Moving Companies in Memphis

Fortunately, home movers are ready to assist with the smooth movement of personal things to new places at reasonable costs and with the highest care.

This article will feature five big moving firms in Memphis, Tennessee that may make relocating easier. This post will give you the knowledge you need to choose the finest moving company for your requirements.

13 Best Moving Companies in Memphis

Below are the Best moving companies in Memphis:

1. Colonial Van Lines

Colonial Van Lines specialises in long-distance removals and storage. In the quotation, packing and assembly/disassembly are included.

A three-bedroom transfer from Chicago to Houston costs between $1,550 and $3,100. Colonial Cubes moving containers are available.

2. United Regions Van Lines

United Regions Van Lines specialises in long-distance transportation and business relocation. They provide packing and storage services.

Serves the whole continental United States. A two-bedroom transfer from Philadelphia to Kansas City costs between $2,500 and $5,000.

3. Empire Moving Group

Empire Moving Group provides residential and business customers with nationwide and in-state relocation services. They offer packing and motor shipment services.

Collaboration with many moving firms to ensure the simplest and most cheap transfer possible.

4. Moving & Storage by Safebound

Specialises in long-distance relocations. A cross-country move costs roughly $2,500. Full packing and unpacking services are available.

There are both short-term and long-term storage solutions available. They provide a dedicated relocation coordinator. Military discounts are available.

5. American Van Lines

American Van Lines specialises in long-distance, military, commercial, and corporate relocation. There are no additional fees for last-minute transfers.

A substantial deposit is required to reserve a relocation. Cross-country migrations usually cost between $2,000 and $5,000.

6. Allstar Moving & Delivery Services

Offers both local and long-distance haulage. Provides packaging services at no extra cost. Provides free estimates.

7. Big League Movers

Offers in-home estimates. There are no last-minute hidden fees or extra expenses. Return customers are eligible for VIP benefits.

8. Black Tie Moving Memphis

Offers flat-rate pricing. Provides free, no-obligation relocation quotes. Provides relocation goods delivered to your door upon request.

9. Cooper Moving

Owned and run locally. Local and long-distance moves, as well as relocation services, are available across the continental United States.


10. Country Club Moving and Packing Inc.

Country Club Moving and Packing Inc. provides services such as packing, loading, and unloading. Senior discounts are available. We are licenced and insured. Large things, such as grand pianos, are moved.

11. Guardian Moving Systems

Provides residential and business relocating services. Provides commercial relocation services. It offers both portable and long-term storage options. Provides quick and simple internet quotations.

12. Mighty Movers Memphis

Provides all-inclusive relocation services at reasonable costs. Online moving quotes that are quick and easy to obtain. We are licenced and insured.

13. Primetime Movers

Provides free moving estimates. There are representatives that speak Spanish on the team. Piano relocation and speciality handling services are available. There are several packaging and crating solutions available.

13. Smiley’s Professional Moving Company

Smiley’s Professional Moving Company serves the Memphis area and North Mississippi. Professional packaging services are available. For your protection, we are licenced and insured. Offers free estimates.

How to Choose a Moving Company in Memphis

Best Moving Companies in Memphis

When looking for a mover, take the time to investigate the firms available, especially if you’re relocating a considerable distance.

First, thoroughly study internet evaluations and inquire about the experiences of friends and family members.

Consider customer service, timeliness, and how the movers treated the objects being transported.

After you’ve narrowed it down to a few companies, contact each one and ask as many questions as you can, including:

  • How does the firm charge for its services – by weight or by the hour?
  • Are there any additional expenses that you may be charged for, such as difficult parking or mounting stairs?
  • Is the firm properly insured?
  • How does the firm handle damage? Most movers charge a flat rate depending on weight.
  • If the company’s coverage is insufficient, consider getting extra insurance.

How Much Do Movers Cost in Memphis?

Moving in Memphis with two movers and a vehicle costs roughly $90 per hour on average. The cost structure, however, differs depending on whether you’re relocating locally or long-distance and the sort of moving services you require.

In Memphis, the average cost of moving a one-bedroom apartment is around $600. Pricing, however, is determined by whether the firm charges by the hour or by the amount of personnel and equipment employed.

There may also be additional charges for things like ascending flights of stairs or dealing with tricky parking, both of which are common near high-rise buildings in Winchester Park and Downtown Memphis.

When chatting with a moving company agent, always inquire about how the firm costs a move and whether it charges additional fees for certain circumstances that apply to you.

Long-Distance Moving Cost To Memphis, TN

The average long-distance move to Memphis is $3,102, with prices often dependent on weight or kilometres.

Because the weight and distance of a long-distance move might vary greatly, you must find out what the moving business charges for relocations before signing a contract.

We offer a few samples for a one-bedroom transfer in February to assist you get a sense of the expenditures involved in a long-distance move.

The Average Cost to Move to Memphis

Starting cityDistanceAverage cost
San Francisco, CA2,093 miles$3,116 – $4,296
Helena, MT1,708 miles$2,724 – $3,715
Milwaukee, WI622 miles$2,049 – $2,713


Moving Services in Memphis

Memphis movers provide a wide range of moving services, with prices varying from one firm to the next. Among these relocation services are:

Storage Services:

If you are leaving one area but do not yet have another permanent abode, you may choose to have your belongings stored by the moving company.

A moving company will transport you out and store your belongings in a safe location until you are ready. This service’s fee is normally decided by weight.

Pod-based Moving Services:

You may like to pack and load your own belongings. You can accomplish just that with pod-based moving services.

Simply fill the pod and notify the moving company that you are ready, and they will pick it up and transfer it for you. The size of the pod that you require affects the price of this service.

Packing Services:

If you want experts to handle your whole relocation, you could be interested in packing services. The moving business not only handles your move, but its professionals also pack and wrap your belongings.

The cost of this service varies depending on whether it is charged per room, per box, or per weight.

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